FringeNYC 2008 Schedule and Guide H to O

Heaven Forbid(s)!;  Martice Enterprises; Writer: Marco Antonio Rodriguez; Director: Marco Antonio Rodriguez; Life’s a bitch and then you die! The ultimate multi-cultural experience! Outcast souls-pimps, transgender, and others, convene in “purgatory” to convince the man upstairs to let them in. 2007 Dallas/Fort Worth Critic’s Award Winner for
Outstanding New Play. 1h 30m, Dallas, Texas  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sat 9 @ 7:45; Sun 10 @ 1; Mon 11 @ 3:45; Tue 12 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 6:15

Hidden Fees*;  Studio Six of the Moscow Art Theater; Writer: Victoria Nikiforova; Director: Raphael Schklowsky; Capitalist Moscow is booming, as two siblings struggle to read the fine print of their dreams. A new comedy that takes a closer look at the price of progress. Here’s a hint: it’s more expensive than you think. 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Fri 8 @ 6:45; Tue 12 @ 9; Tue 19 @ 2:30; Thu 21 @ 2:30; Fri 22 @ 9

The Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women;  Hotsy Totsy; Writer: Cyndi Freemen and Joseph Naftali; Twirling tassels, flying underpants and a swell time! An irreverent burlesque soap opera with a different show each performance, featuring an all-star rotating cast of the hottest dancers and vaudillians in the NY burlesque scene. Thrills and death defying g-strings! 1h 10m, Manhattan, NYC  Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque, Comedy
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Sat 9 @ 6; Tue 12 @ 7:15; Sat 16 @ 10; Thu 21 @ 9:45; Sun 24 @ 3:30

Hot Cripple;  Hogan Gorman in association with Small Pond Entertainment; Writer: Hogan Gorman; Director: Isaac Klein; Legally Blonde meets Michael Moore. Climb aboard a hilariously devastating wild ride into this country’s healthcare and welfare systems.
Hot Cripple tells all. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Fri 8 @ 9:45; Mon 11 @ 4:45; Wed 13 @ 7:30; Fri 22 @ 4; Sun 24 @ NOON

HOW TO FOLD A SHIRT;  Lucky devil Theatre Company; Writer: Anthony Gelsomino; Director: Anthony Gelsomino; When Tuesday falls in love with Tony who falls for Trevor who’s boyfriend Troy just hung himself things get a little sticky! This balls to the wall comedy is about what happens when love and death get punched in the groin. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Tue 12 @ 5:30; Wed 13 @ 10; Sat 16 @ 1; Wed 20 @ 10; Fri 22 @ 3:15

I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You;  Jajeh & Co.; Writer: Jennifer Jajeh; Director: W. Kamau Bell; “Where are you from?” What happens when the answer is San Francisco…and Palestine? One woman’s unflinching tale of navigating checkpoints, dating taboos, and a 450 year family lineage.
Join in her quest for fame, love, and a place called Home. 0h 55m, San Francisco, California  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Fri 8 @ 9:15; Sat 9 @ 1:15; Mon 11 @ 5:15; Thu 14 @ 7:45; Sun 17 @ 9:30; Thu 21 @ 3:15; Sun 24 @ 4:15

I Love You, Petty, & Favre;  Scott-Works Productions; Writer: David Scott; Director: John Budion; She had the name of a football legend, he had Tom Petty tickets. It was a match made in heaven. For anyone that has loved, lost, persevered, or played air guitar: a heartwarming tale of life, family, football, and “runnin’ down a dream”. 1h 40m, New York City, Wisconsin  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 3; Thu 14 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ 9:15; Sat 23 @ NOON

The Johnny;  Awesome Junior Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics by David L. Williams, Music by David F.M. Vaughn; Director: David L. Williams; Choreographer: Grady Bowman; “The Johnny” is the musical that answers the question: What happened to the bullying blonde jock in all those beloved ’80s movies AFTER he lost to the scrappy young underdog? 2h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sun 10 @ 12:30; Thu 14 @ 7:15; Sat 16 @ 2; Sun 17 @ 9; Sat 23 @ 7

JOHNNY LAW, Courtroom Crusader;  Johnny Boy Productions; Writer: Tim Ryan Meinelschmidt, based on the writings and exploites of Thomas L. Fox ESQ; Director: Christopher Fessenden; WORLD PREMIERE – Criminal defense attorney Johnny Law knows one way. His way. See the courtroom through a new set of eyes. From the creative team responsible for ALL THE HELP YOU NEED (2004 Overall Excellence Award, Fringe NYC) 1h 15m, Los Angeles, California  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sat 9 @ 1:45; Thu 14 @ 9:30; Fri 15 @ 7:30; Sun 17 @ 6:30; Fri 22 @ 5

johnpaulgeorgeringo – an intimate experience with the fab four;  Totally J’Blammee’d Music; Writer: Dave Jay and Bradley Calcaterra; Director: Brad Calcaterra; Improvised, impromptu and interactive.
Dave Jay seamlessly morphs between distinct impersonations of the Fab Four.
A British Invasion of truth, tunes and trivia.
Created on the spot by Dave Jay and You. 0h 55m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show,
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sat 9 @ 10; Sun 10 @ 6:15; Mon 11 @ 9:30; Tue 12 @ 5:15; Thu 14 @ 4:15

Julius Caesar;  The Guerrilla Shakespeare Project; Writer: William Shakespeare; Director: Jordan Reeves; A people’s tyrant. A virtuous assassin. A conspiracy to dethrone a God. In a modern Rome of blood-stained hands and savage mobs, Brutus is a patriot without an exit strategy. Is he an honorable man? 1h 40m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sat 9 @ 2:45; Mon 11 @ 9:30; Fri 15 @ 5; Thu 21 @ 9:30; Fri 22 @ 7

KABOOM!;  Red House Group with Joan Cullman Productions; Writer: Michael W. Small; Director: BT McNicholl; After his drug factory explodes, San Francisco’s slyest swindler has one day to recoup his losses. Nothing can stop him… except maybe a neurotic New Yorker, a misplaced kazoo, and a 37-minute orgasm. Hipster satire meets old-school farce. 1h 55m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Sat 9 @ 6:45; Thu 14 @ 4:15; Sat 16 @ 3:15; Wed 20 @ 8:45; Sat 23 @ 1:45

Kansas City Or Along The Way;  Disgraced Productions; Writer: Robert Attenweiler; Director: Joe Stipek; In Ohio in 1931 a chance encounter alters the course of three lives in this new play with music featuring original Woody Guthrie inspired folk songs. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Musical
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Thu 14 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 12:30; Mon 18 @ 7:45; Thu 21 @ 3:15; Sat 23 @ 9:45

Keep Your Eyes Open;  The PossEble Theater Company; Writer: 5th & 6th Grade Members of The PossEble Theater Lab; Director: Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney; Journey into the world of Winnifred – a tech savvy 10-year-old determined to navigate the wacky waters of an age run a-mock thanks to tabloid magazines, reality TV, Soulja Boy, Disney, sexist gym teachers, and…a history of unsung superwomen! 1h 5m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Wed 20 @ 6:45; Thu 21 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 2:45; Sat 23 @ NOON; Sat 23 @ 9:30

KNB – The Musical;  Christopher Carter Sanderson in Association with Gorilla Rep; Writer: Christopher Carter Sanderson; Director: Christopher Carter Sanderson; Choreographer: Erin Porvaznika; All’s Fair in Love and the Global War on Terror?
A sailor wonders what is making his life truly miserable as his
Navy Reserve Boat Unit sings and dances its way toward impending deployment!
Sing along with the parts you know! 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sun 10 @ 6:45; Thu 14 @ 3; Sun 17 @ 1:45; Thu 21 @ 7:30; Sat 23 @ 9:45

KNUCKLEBALL;  EndTimes Productions in Association with Mortals Theater; Writer: William Whitehurst; Director: Jeremy Pape; What are you willing to accept for love? A woman with secrets. A man smitten. Knuckleball is the charged story of lovers who must reconcile the irreconcilable…and baseball. 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Fri 8 @ 6:15; Fri 15 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 5; Thu 21 @ 10; Sat 23 @ NOON

Krapp, 39;  The Cliplight Theater; Writer: Michael Laurence; Director: George Demas; Haunted by “Krapp,” a 39-year-old actor throws himself a birthday party. Unsparing confessions culminate in a multi-media recording for an imagined production of “Krapp’s Last Tape” in 2038. A deeply personal window on the last moments of youth. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Multi-Media
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sun 10 @ 2:15; Tue 12 @ 9:30; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Tue 19 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 9:15

La Vigilia (The Vigil);  teatro oscuro; Writer: Vincent Marano; Director: Kathleen O’Neil; Choreographer: NA; Does true love have an expiration date?
When a stranger enters the lives of three lonely people, whose heart will mend and whose will break? Inspired by Goldoni and DaSica, this an Italian Comedy of the most passionate kind. 1h 40m, Bronx, NYC  Comedy, FringeHIGH
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Wed 13 @ 3; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Wed 20 @ 5:30; Sat 23 @ 7:15

THE LAST DANCE OF MARSHA KANE (Sugarcoating the Inevitable);  Monamie and Two-Wheeler Productions; Writer: Rena Hundert; Director: Jeremy Taylor; Somewhere at the edge of your mind there is a bus stop where Marsha sits and waits. Suspended between hope for a romantic saviour, and her final departure, she sucks and chews, giggles and ponders. Ghost Story meets Hipster Satire. 1h 0m, Montreal, Canada  Solo Show, Clown/Mask
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Sat 9 @ 9; Sun 10 @ 3:30; Mon 11 @ 7; Thu 14 @ 6; Sun 17 @ 7:45; Wed 20 @ 3:15; Sat 23 @ 2:45

Lecture, With Cello;  The Lecture Company; Writer: Robert Moulthrop; Director: Kent Paul; The professor is late. And where is his cello? Words, music, discussion. Discord. Biography, history. Humor, harmony. Discord. Mystery. Who is the man lurking in the back of the lecture hall? And why is he there? 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Sat 9 @ 5:30; Sun 10 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 5:45; Sat 16 @ 8; Sat 23 @ 2:30

The Legislative Process;  The Six Chapter Company; Writer: Clarence Coo; Director: Mikhael Tara Garver; Dexter is thrilled to be spending his junior year of high school as a congressional page. He discovers however that Capitol Hill is not so different from high school. For one thing, only the pretty boys seem to get ahead. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sun 10 @ 4:15; Wed 13 @ 9:15; Sat 16 @ 2; Wed 20 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 7

Life… Death… and Entertainment;  OUT OUR WAY PRODUCTIONS; Writer: SUSAN DAMANTE (originally co-developed with Gerald White and Sue Hamilton); Director: Sue Hamilton (original production); Music is the thread that weaves together these autobiographical escapades of one fearful, self-centered, sick-but-well-meaning woman … as she cheats death and transforms her life by mastering the art of overcoming tragedy. Ultimately, she encourages others and rises to victory! 1h 30m, Santa Monica, California  Solo Show, Drama
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sat 9 @ 5:30; Mon 11 @ 7:15; Wed 13 @ 6; Sun 17 @ 9:15; Wed 20 @ 7:45

The Longest Running Joke of the Twentieth Century;  The Courthouse Repertory Company; Writer: Stephen O’Rourke; Somewhere in the seventeen years of working with the mentally ill, from the Nicaraguan who believed he was blessed with the voice of Elvis to the woman who could have psychic sex with the Menendez brothers, a day job became a life. 1h 20m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Wed 13 @ 7; Thu 14 @ 3:45; Fri 15 @ 8:45; Sat 16 @ 4:45; Sun 17 @ 2:45; Mon 18 @ 8:45; Wed 20 @ 5

Love is Dead: A NecRomantic Musical Comedy;  Annoyance Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics by James Asmus and Andrew Hobgood, Music by Julie Nichols; Director: Andrew Hobgood; A necrophile mortician falls in love with a live girl and scrambles to keep from being implicated in a series of unsolved murders. An original musical from Chicago comedy giant The Annoyance Theater. “DON’T MISS!” – Time Out Chicago 2h 0m, Chicago, Illinois  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 9:30; Sun 10 @ 2:45; Tue 12 @ 5; Wed 13 @ 7; Thu 14 @ 4:15

Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising;  The Ohio Supermaximum Players; Writer: Staughton Lynd, Gary L. Anderson and Christopher Fidram; Director: Brandon Martin; Five men are on Ohio’s death row as a result of the 1993 inmate rebellion at Lucasville. Based on court testimony and recordings made during the standoff, this drama exposes how the state of Ohio will be murdering the innocent. 1h 30m, Youngstown, Ohio  Drama, Drama
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Sat 9 @ NOON; Sat 9 @ 7; Sun 10 @ 5

Lucila: a play for Gabriela Mistral;  Me, You & Eli Productions; Writer: Sylvia Ann Manning (SilviCol); Director: Joe Franchini and Leecia Manning; Lucila, 10, leaves her beloved mountain home to work at the Superior School for Girls. Trouble follows, but she’s saved by love and her forest Queen of Truth. From a childhood story told by the Chilean Nobel Prize Laureate. 1h 30m, Seguin, Texas  FringeJR, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sat 9 @ 2:45; Tue 12 @ 4:45; Wed 13 @ 7:30; Sat 16 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 5:45

Lydia’s Funeral Video;  SamanthaChanse/ThomasConnors; Writer: Samantha Chanse; Director: Thomas Connors; In a not-so-distant future, abortions are legal only within 28 days of conception. Apocalypse-obsessed bank clerk Lydia Clark-Lin, commanded by her dream-invading embryo, has a month to create her funeral video, terminate a pregnancy, and do some standup comedy. 1h 55m, San Francisco, California  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Sat 9 @ 2:45; Mon 11 @ 9:30; Sat 16 @ 5:15; Wed 20 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 7

Maladjusted. Misappropriated.;  Art House Productions; Writer: Derek O’Connor; Director: Jack Halpin; Take this job and shove it! A security guard bound to a chair; a primary school teacher held for interrogation. This dark and witty dual portrait by acclaimed Irish author/Editor of The Chancer makes its debut in this international collaboration. 1h 10m, Jersey City, New Jersey  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sun 10 @ 6:30; Thu 14 @ 5:30; Tue 19 @ 3; Thu 21 @ 9:30; Sat 23 @ 9:15

A Man, A Magic, A Music;  Movin’ Melvin Brown; Writer: Melvin Brown; Director: Melvin Brown and Francesca Sansalone; Choreographer: Melvin Brown; Magical journey through Black Music history 50-90’s in Song, Tap & Clogging, Comedy & Story! Songs of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Chubby Checker, Otis Redding, Temptations… Characters like the ‘Black Preacher’ and more – “Brown is a one man concert!” *****The Scotsman, UK 1h 30m, Austin, Texas  Musical, Dance
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Fri 15 @ 9:15; Sun 17 @ 7:15; Tue 19 @ 5; Thu 21 @ 7:30; Sat 23 @ 12:45

Mare Cognitum;  Theatre of the Expendable; Writer: David McGee; Director: Jesse Edward Rosbrow; A country on the brink of war. A city wracked by ineffectual protests. An extraordinarily odd job interview. Faced with such perils, three young idealists do the only thing they can: fly to the Moon in a homemade rocketship. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Wed 13 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 4:15; Thu 21 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 7; Sun 24 @ NOON

Meanwhile, in Baghdad…;  Coleavens Industries; Writer: Joshua Cole; Director: Nick Leavens; History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often echoes. When the bombings come home, who becomes the insurgent and who the liberator? Are the blind leading the blind in this war? Come walk a mile in someone else’s sandals. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Multi-Media
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sat 9 @ 4:30; Mon 11 @ 3; Sat 16 @ 9; Thu 21 @ 7:30; Sat 23 @ 2:15

Mirrors of Chartres Street: Faulkner in New Orleans/New Orleans in Faulkner;  Batture Productions in Association with Halifax Theatre Company; Writer: Rob Florence; Director: Perry Martin; New Orleans’ “Roaring 20’s”. A black worker versus an armed white mob. A jealous husband guns down a French Quarter waiter. A Fairgrounds grifter cons an easy mark. An unknown future Nobel Laureate brings these characters to life. 1h 30m, New Orleans, Louisiana  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Fri 8 @ 10; Sat 9 @ 4:15; Sun 10 @ 12:30; Mon 11 @ 5:30; Tue 12 @ 3:15

Missing Man;  Live Bait Theater; Writer: Mary Scruggs; Director: Edward Thomas-Herrera; Mary and her colleague “Deekin” Dan planned to document his annual cross country motorcycle pilgrimage with Vietnam Vets. At the last moment, he bailed. Mary went anyway. One woman, 300 motorcycles and a lot of baggage. CHICAGO READER CRITIC’S CHOICE 1h 30m, Chicago, Illinois  Solo Show,
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Wed 20 @ 8:45; Thu 21 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 7; Sat 23 @ 7; Sun 24 @ 2

Monsters In The Wood;  HT Productions; Writer: Brad Lawrence; Director: Maia Garrison; Like “Where the Wild Things Are” with meth and firearms, this biting, comic memoir answers the question: What’s so funny about murder, poverty, and drug addiction. Come to this double funeral in rural Missouri to find out for yourself. 0h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:15; Tue 12 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 3:15; Wed 20 @ 9:30; Sun 24 @ 2:15

More Than Pants;  Jennifer and Brigid; Writer: Jennifer Subrin and Brigid Boyle; Born unto the loins of unfit mums, Wee Willy and Willy know only the sadness of St. Francis Orphanage. Their passage through puberty will leave your weenis marbles feeling like they’re surrounded by angels’ wings. 0h 40m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ 3:30; Wed 13 @ 5:30; Fri 15 @ 8:30; Mon 18 @ 9:45; Sat 23 @ NOON

Mourn the Living Hector;  Performance Lab 115; Writer: Paul Cohen; Director: Shira Milikowsky and Julie Rossman; FringeNYC Award winners PL115 (2005 Overall Excellence) return to investigate wartime violence on the home-front, interweaving the Trojan hero’s last day with the home-leave of an American Marine; a comedic tragedy about ambient violence, failed connections, and unexpected happy-endings. 1h 10m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 2:45; Mon 18 @ 7:30; Thu 21 @ 5; Sat 23 @ 9:30

Murder of the Seas;  Murder Company; Writer: Pierre-Marc Diennet; Director: Jason Schuler; Taken from the author’s experiences as a comedian on cruise ships, this noir murder romp, follows reluctant hero, Chester Fields, as he falls (or was he pushed?) into a dangerous web of sex, guns, and midnight buffets. All Aboard! 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sun 10 @ 3:15; Wed 13 @ 3:45; Sun 17 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 10; Sun 24 @ NOON

MY SALVATION HAS A FIRST NAME: A Wienermobile Journey;  Hot Dog Productions; Writer: Robin Gelfenbien; Director: Jeremy Gold Kronenberg; The true story* of an insecure goody-goody who finds redemption behind the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Can she handle a horndog co-pilot, a drug search and her nemesis? Ketchup with her adventures: *98% facts. 2% nitrates. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sun 10 @ 9:15; Tue 12 @ 9:15; Thu 14 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 2:30; Thu 21 @ 3:30

The Naked Dead Elephant in the Middle of the Room;  White Elephant Productions; Writer: Larson Rose; Director: Larson Rose; A novice playwright struggles to write a really great comedy for FringeNYC while his characters come to life onstage. But what sells? Sex? Gay humor? Naked men? Or an audience warning: CONTAINS ADULT THEMES and NUDITY! How great is that! 0h 45m, Bronx, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ 5; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 8:15; Fri 22 @ 11:30; Sun 24 @ 1:45

A Nasty Story;  Fine Feathered Friends; Writer: Sara Jeanne Asselin; Director: Melissa Firlit; “I’m down with the downtrodden!” To prove just how hip and liberal he is, businessman and self-proclaimed champion of humankind Johnny Pralines crashes an impoverished employee’s wedding party. Raucous Russian farce ensues. Based freely on the short story by Dostoevsky. 1h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Wed 13 @ 5:30; Fri 15 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ 10; Thu 21 @ 10:15; Fri 22 @ 8

Nightlight Jesus;  Rich Ferguson & Paul Garrison; Writer: Rich Ferguson (text), Paul Garrison (music); Choreographer: Kathleen Davidson; In Nightlight Jesus, LA spoken word artist, Rich Ferguson, and beatmaster, Paul Garrison, create sonic syllables rubbing up against trip-hop beats and street atmosphere. It’s chainsaw music for angels. It’s Kerouac making out with Massive Attack, while listening to Swordfishtrombones. 0h 35m, Los Angeles, California  Spoken Word/Poetry, Performance Art
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Tue 19 @ 7:15; Wed 20 @ 10; Fri 22 @ 3:45; Fri 22 @ 7; Sat 23 @ 5:30

NOIR: a shot and a chaser;  Silent Theatre Company; Writer: Joe Vonderhaar; Director: tonika todorova; A hybrid of film noir chic and graphic novel ferocity, spiked with live jazz and Chandleresque narration. Welcome to the underground lair of Crazy Al’s speakeasy, where the choices you make are the choices that make you. 1h 15m, Chicago, Illinois  Multi-Media, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Sun 10 @ 9; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Wed 20 @ 10; Fri 22 @ 10; Sun 24 @ 1:30

NOT DARK YET;  Present Tense; Writer: Timothy Nolan; Director: Susan W. Lovell; Tom has a big hairy muse named Norman who’s wrecking his life. When Norman arrives in a tutu feeding Tom’s doubts about his marriage, Tom finds a writer can pick his friends, pick his wife, but can’t pick his subconscious. 1h 40m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Wed 13 @ 7:15; Fri 15 @ 2:45; Sun 17 @ NOON; Mon 18 @ 4:30; Fri 22 @ 9:30

Now That She’s Gone;  EMP Theatricals; Writer: Ellen Snortland; Director: John Mitchell; Choreographer: Leanne Fonteyn; Join Ellen “with a name like hers, she better be good” Snortland as she teases the past of an affection challenged Norwegian American mother who raised a wacky yet politically active daughter obsessed with discovering her mother’s secret. 1h 40m, Los Angeles, California  Solo Show, Drama
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Tue 12 @ 10; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Fri 15 @ 3; Mon 18 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 5:30

Nudists in Love: A New Musical;  The Skyclad Company; Writer: Music & Lyrics by Nirmal Chandraratna, Book by Shannon Thomason; Director: Sara Thigpen; The perfect couple, the perfect town and one little secret. Gardenia, USA is thrown into chaos over one man’s need to express himself, um, nakedly. Forget your hang ups and let it all hang out. 1h 40m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Thu 14 @ 7; Fri 15 @ 5; Thu 21 @ 10; Sat 23 @ NOON

O! Balletto;  Lane & Co.; Writer: Lane Gifford, Text based on Nobiltà di Dame, by Ballet Master Signor Fabritio Caroso (1600), with Music by Arcangelo Corelli and Neil Alexander; Director: Lane Gifford; Choreographer: Lane Gifford; When Baroque power collides with contemporary passion a rich human drama unfolds throughout this innovative multi-arts work. Elegant and raucous, this movement portrait is a visually stimulating and captivating episode about love, seduction, betrayal and spectacle, with a provocative twist of events. 0h 40m, Manhattan, NYC  Dance, Drama
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Fri 15 @ 8:15; Sun 17 @ 2:15; Sun 17 @ 5:30; Tue 19 @ 3:45; Thu 21 @ 9:30

Oatmeal and a Cigarette;  Bad Dog! Productions; Writer: George Sapio; conceived and developed by the ensemble; Director: Melissa Thompson; Mommy’s got his hands full: Billy’s 340 pounds, 6’6″ and only three! Babysitter Jane cares for Billy – a lot. All Billy wants is to grow up, but Mommy needs convincing. Grab your blankie – it’s gonna be a rough night. 1h 15m, Ithaca, New York  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sun 17 @ 9:15; Mon 18 @ 9:30; Wed 20 @ 3; Thu 21 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 9:30

the october crisis (to laura);  Packawallop Productions, Inc.; Writer: Alejandro Morales; Director: Scott Ebersold; 1945. In a Havana nightclub, sultry torch singer Marguerite Stone launches her career. 1962, the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A mysterious telegram and too many whiskeys resurrect the past Marguerite had abandoned in order to sing. 2h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Sun 10 @ NOON; Thu 14 @ 6:45; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Mon 18 @ 3

ON INSOMNIA AND MIDNIGHT;  LaMicro Theater; Writer: Edgar Chias; Director: Berioska Ipinza; Two strangers, a hotel guest and a chambermaid, meet every midnight to share their secret erotic fantasies for pure pleasure and power without realizing the danger that they involve. Who is naive and who is perverse? 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Multi-Media
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Mon 11 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 5:45; Thu 21 @ 4:30; Fri 22 @ 11:30; Sat 23 @ 4:45

One Seat in the Shade;  Words, Words, Words Productions; Writer: John Reoli; Director: Bruce Ornstein; Scott thinks Randall has a much younger lover. To save their twenty-seven year relationship, Scott pays their way to Spain. In their sweltering, dilapidated hotel they encounter Jeff, an abandoned, beautiful, American student who turns their world upside down. 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Mon 11 @ 3; Sun 17 @ 9; Mon 18 @ 9:30; Wed 20 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 2

ONEWORD – an extended poetree;  Campo Stella; Writer: Gail Langstroth; Director: Bethany Caputo, Klaus Jensen; Choreographer: Gail Langstroth; “Another frog jumps from the pond…” as poet-eurythmist Gail Langstroth eloquently evokes The Connecticut Mannequin, Dump Trucks, and Raving Nuns from her arena full of surprises. Courageous and witty, Gail dances the story of her life. US Premiere. 1h 0m, Artist: New York City,, Spain-Germany  Spoken Word/Poetry, Dance
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 12:15; Sun 10 @ 7:45; Wed 13 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 8; Tue 19 @ 5:15

Operation Adelmo;  G&W, LLC; Writer: MIke Wills; Director: Mike Wills, Arrangements: Peter Saxe; First came THE 3 TENORS, then THE SOPRANOS, now… Live entertainment for the YouTube generation filled with music, magic, singing, opera, showgirls, clowns, kazoos, Rice Krispies, Spam, Bugs & Elmer, Toreadors, accordions, banjos, ukuleles, guitars, razors, and pie! A highfalutin tour-de-force. 1h 30m, West Harrison, New York  Solo Show, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Fri 8 @ 10; Tue 12 @ 9:15; Sat 16 @ 12:15; Tue 19 @ 7:15; Wed 20 @ 5

Other Bodies;  Flux Theatre Ensemble; Writer: August Schulenburg; Director: Heather Cohn; The creators of last year’s FringeNYC Village Voice Audience Favorite Riding the Bull return with this seductive battle of the sexes between a notorious player and mysterious woman that deepens into a haunting parable of how our bodies betray us. 2h 25m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sun 10 @ NOON; Sat 16 @ 8:45; Sun 17 @ 4:15; Wed 20 @ 6:45; Fri 22 @ 3:45

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