FringeNYC 2008 Schedule and Guide D to G

The Darling Children;  Writer: Ivan Faute; Director: Stephen F. Murray; After Peter Pan left for Neverland, his sisters weren’t so lucky. When imagination intrudes on their lives, no one can predict what luck, or violence, might emerge. A surreal drama about being forced to leave “never grow up” behind. 1h 10m, Chicago, Illinois  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Fri 8 @ 5; Sun 10 @ 9:30; Wed 13 @ 3:15; Sat 16 @ 6:45; Sun 17 @ NOON

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner;  Catalytic Collective; Writer: Anna Moench; Director: Anna Moench; Randall has one more mission. When bombs shudder the plane, reality bleeds into nightmares. Live music and an ensemble cast take a magical realist journey into one of WWII’s most unforgettable battles – examining the personal impact of institutionalized violence. 0h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Dance
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Sun 10 @ 3:15; Mon 11 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 7:45; Mon 18 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 7:45

A December Eve’s Visit with Frederick Demuth;  Me, You & Eli Productions; Writer: Sylvia Ann Manning (SilviCol); Director: Gwynn Macdonald; Long live Karl Marx’s only son to live long! Let him take you in, even if his story’s not the Respectable Bourgeoisie’s cup of tea. Christmas Eve, 1928, in this last of the playwright’s trilogy for the Marx family. 0h 30m, Seguin, Texas  Solo Show, Drama
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Fri 8 @ 5:45; Sun 10 @ 8:45; Sun 17 @ 2:45; Wed 20 @ 8; Fri 22 @ 8:30

The Deciders;  Within Reach Entertainment; Writer: Book, Lyrics and Music by Mitch Kess, additional lyrics by Carly Sheehan, additional music by Charles Bascombe; Director: J. Michaels, Music Director: David Fletcher; Patriotism! Power! Paranoia? A driving rock score reveals in song and satire the secrets, dreams, motives and misinformation of those who make the decisions and those who live with the repercussions from the Washington Power Elite to Baghdad and beyond. 1h 10m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Sat 16 @ NOON; Sun 17 @ 7; Tue 19 @ 2:30; Thu 21 @ 5:30; Fri 22 @ 8

The Dershowitz Protocol;  I Got Da Beat Productions/The Beat Project; Writer: Robert Fotherill; Director: Anthony Frisina; Legalizing “humane” torture in America under ticking bomb circumstances, The Dershowitz Protocol explores how far we will go, if at all, to regain our global dignity. 0h 50m, Queens, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Thu 14 @ 7:30; Sat 16 @ 7:15; Sun 17 @ NOON; Thu 21 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ NOON

Dingbat;  Dingbat; Writer: Nancy Friedrich with Artistic Collaboraction by James Whittington; Director: James Whittington; South Dakota, hungry bears and a talking rope– Dingbat is a hilarious and heartbreaking story of the discovery of friendship through grief. The Chicago Reader proclaimed, “(Nancy) Friedrich reveals a weird, fearless imagination as rich as her comic talents.” 0h 55m, Chicago, Illinois  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Wed 20 @ 7; Thu 21 @ 9; Fri 22 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 9:15; Sun 24 @ 12:15

The Disappearance of Jonah;  Aporia Repertory Company; Writer: Darragh Martin; Director: Dan Blank and Pitr Strait; Every year, 5,000 people go missing in New York City. Small-town golden boy Jonah Thompson disappeared two years ago. Against the backdrop of Manhattan and the scattered people Jonah once knew, his brother Finn sets out to find him. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sat 9 @ 9:30; Thu 14 @ 8; Sun 17 @ 2:15; Wed 20 @ 3; Fri 22 @ 5:15

Doppelganger Joe;  Skorstar Productions; Writer: Caroline Lesley; Director: Caroline Lesley and Jon Erlichman; What’s a doppelganger? Your double. Your look-alike in life.
Legend says if you meet, you both perish! This zany show takes you on a suspenseful journey as one asthmatic actress finds her doppelganger and struggles to make it out alive! 0h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Tue 12 @ 8:30; Wed 13 @ 6; Fri 15 @ 7; Thu 21 @ 7; Fri 22 @ 9:15

Down Around Brown Town;  Full-Amo Productions/ Kin Dance Company; Writer: Creators: Frit & Frat Fuller; Director: Frit & Frat Fuller; Choreographer: Frit & Frat Fuller; Commemorating the music of James Brown, “Down Around Brown Town,” is a celebration life driven by music. It exposes a new generation of music lovers to the origins of funk, its sounds, and energy—keeping audiences hungry and wanting more 1h 0m, Los Angeles, California  Musical, Dance
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Wed 13 @ 10; Thu 14 @ 5:30; Fri 15 @ 8:15; Sat 16 @ 4:45; Sun 17 @ NOON

Dreadful Penny’s Exquisite Horrors;  Tantalus Theatre Group; Writer: Alexandra Herryman with Ensemble; Director: Glen Cullen and Parrish Morgan; Join us, if you dare, at an uncanny sideshow of longing and desire where all manner of monstrosities are revealed and reveled in. A Chicago cast performs divine grotesqueries, featuring burlesque, song, puppetry, and magic. Audience discretion is advised. 1h 0m, Chicago, Illinois  Drama, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Thu 14 @ 8; Fri 15 @ 6; Sat 16 @ 4; Sat 16 @ 8:15

The Dream~Casting;  teatro jaguar luna produced by deep woods productions; Writer: huilo marvavilla; Director: huilo marvavilla; Choreographer: huilo marvavilla; A multimedia ritual spectacular awakens the senses preparing humanity for unified consciousness. Dancing with mysteries of 2012, Mayan/Aztec mythology, Huilo and guests, create a spatial interactive dreamscape inviting the audience to contemplate thoughts beyond the apocalypse. Magic once asleep is now awake! 1h 0m, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  Clown/Mask, Performance Art
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Sat 9 @ 8; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Sun 17 @ 2:45; Wed 20 @ 3:15; Fri 22 @ 6:45

Eagle Squadron GO!;  TightShip; Writer: Garet Scott, Music by John Bauers; Director: Kevin Thomsen; It’s 1940. American flyboys join the Battle of Britain in the famed Eagle Squadron. From the flaming skies over Picadilly to the Nazi-infested farmhouses of France, Yankee wingmen lose their lives and their hearts. Nine actors win WWII in Cinemascope. 1h 50m, Jackson Heights, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Fri 8 @ 7:15; Sun 10 @ 9:15; Thu 14 @ 3; Thu 21 @ 9:45; Sun 24 @ NOON

Eggs and the Rebound Guy;  2 Little People Productions; Writer: LyaNisha R. Gonzalez; Director: Lisa-Erika James; “…Bad dates, heartache, and broken condoms.” At thirty, Dru decides to have a baby and embarks on a comical quest for her true happiness. After meeting Terrence, she asks herself, do you really need a husband to have a baby? 2h 0m, Perth Amboy, New Jersey  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Fri 8 @ 8:45; Sun 10 @ 5; Wed 13 @ 7; Mon 18 @ 4:45; Sat 23 @ 2:45

Exodus;  The Awakening Project; Writer: Daren Taylor; Director: Jessica McVea; People are starving. Child labor is legal. Religion is Law. Welcome to “Paradise”! A new form of slavery has stemmed from a familiar place- gentrification. But can the children of Paradise win against an unfamiliar entity bigger than themselves? Maybe… 2h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sun 10 @ 12:15; Fri 15 @ 7:15; Tue 19 @ 7; Thu 21 @ 2:30; Sun 24 @ NOON

Extraordinary Rendition;  Raptor Pack Theater; Writer: James Balestrieri; Director: James Balestrieri; An interrogator is obsessed with decoding a mysterious broadcast from an unknown enemy. …Are they poised to strike…? A secret fear casts a shadow, shaking the interrogator’s faith in the mission he has sacrificed his humanity and sanity to fulfill. 0h 45m, Tarrytown, New York  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Sat 9 @ 4:45; Wed 13 @ 3; Thu 14 @ 8:15; Sat 16 @ 9:45; Thu 21 @ 5:30

The Fabulous Kane Sisters in BOX OFFICE POISON;  Red Light District in Association with Stephen Morfesis; Writer: Marc Geller and Bill Roulet; Director: Marc Geller; Murder, mayhem and muscular bodies fill the stage as the Fabulous Kane Sisters attempt to solve a mystery and prevent their own murders in this bawdy, burlesque comedy. It’s like a trip through the sewer in a glass bottom boat! 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Sat 9 @ 9:30; Wed 13 @ 6:45; Thu 14 @ 7; Tue 19 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 4:45

FACE [Every Good Boy Does Fine];  The Secret Theatre/Richard Mazda in Association with FACE; Writer: FACE; Director: Deanna Fleysher; FACE – A rebellious mix of live music and unscripted theatre. Together onstage the band and actors create a uniquely fascinating synergy. The cast twists the narrative in new directions each night. Spontaneous. Provocative. Comedic. “Intimate and Ridiculous”. – Fordham Observer, “…Enchanting”- L magazine 0h 50m, LIC, NYC  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Comedy
VENUE #18: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Flamboyan; Fri 8 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Wed 20 @ 10; Fri 22 @ 2:15; Sun 24 @ NOON

Fancy Guts & Ghosts;  Big & Smalls; Writer: Amanda Raleigh and Karina Wolfe; Director: Amanda Raleigh and Karina Wolfe; This absurdist two-woman show from Seattle, set in and around an inflatable pool filled with packing peanuts, explores the themes of birth, death, and friendship and the rituals inherent in them, through a myriad of characters. 0h 40m, Seattle, Washington  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Sun 10 @ 2:45; Thu 14 @ 8; Sun 17 @ 5:15; Fri 22 @ 3:15

Fell;  7.15 Producions/Eric Louie and Columbia University’s Black Theater Ensemble; Writer: Harrison David Rivers; Director: Jess McLeod; Something’s wrong with Jesse Metcalfe. His wife and kids know it — even the family ghosts know it. But they don’t know how to get him up off the kitchen floor…and why his white boss keeps popping up in their dreams… 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sat 9 @ 2; Mon 11 @ 5:15; Wed 13 @ 5; Thu 14 @ 10; Fri 15 @ 7

A FIRE AS BRIGHT AS HEAVEN;  The Performance Project; Writer: Tim Collins; An epic solo tour de force chronicling the past seven years of American upheaval.
The invasion of Iraq, to the NRA national convention, to the looming 2008 election,
forty explosive, sublime characters confront America’s uncertain future with hubris, heart, and hope. 1h 40m, St. Louis, Missouri  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Wed 13 @ 7:15; Sat 16 @ 3:45; Tue 19 @ 9; Thu 21 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 6:45

Fluency;  Rake Theater; Writer: Kimberly Patterson; Director: Jill Jichetti; Jack’s an actor; Olivia’s a playwright. They’re better at kissing than communicating! Can they learn the language of love? Watch as they perform classic scenes: “first date,” “awkward breakup” and “happy ending.” A meta-theatrical romantic comedy from South Florida. 0h 50m, Boynton Beach, Florida  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Thu 14 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 2; Tue 19 @ 7:15; Fri 22 @ 5:15

FOR REASONS UNKNOWN;  Gingham Theatre; Writer: Andi Teran and Jeff Long; Director: Nathan Halvorson; Bradley comes home and finds a present on his sofa. The gift? A big poo. What does he do? Or perhaps, what did he do? Inspired by a true story, this new whodunit comedy explores what happens when shit happens. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Tue 12 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 10; Mon 18 @ 7:30; Thu 21 @ 2; Sun 24 @ 2:15

Forteez Bluntz Chickenhedz ‘N’ Uva Necessateez;  Nommo Theatre; Writer: Bashi Rose; Director: Christopher McElroen; Forteez Bluntz Chickenhedz ‘N’ Uva Necessateez (a hiphoptic tragedy) explores the hopes and passions of two homeless poets – a father and son – reflecting on their lives and the women they love with humor and fiery street politics. 1h 30m, Baltimore, Maryland  Drama, Performance Art
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 7:15; Tue 12 @ 5:15; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Sat 16 @ 4:15; Sat 23 @ 2

From the Inside, Out;  4th Meal Productions; Writer: Maggie Keenan-Bolger; Director: Erika Christensen; Smoking. Drinking. Cutting. How do you cope? A patchwork of true stories delve into what it really means to be a self-injurer. Tying it together? One young woman, sitting in an empty Indian restaurant with her dad, revealing her secret. 2h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #2: The Schaeberle Studio Theatre; Sat 9 @ 7; Thu 14 @ 2:45; Sun 17 @ 1:45; Tue 19 @ 7; Sun 24 @ 4

GALATEA;  Dreamhouse Ensemble; Writer: Frank Tangredi; Director: Alex Sol;
Present-day New York, “Galatea” weaves together a retired fireman and his wife, with a neurotic, obsessive sculptress. First impressions can be misleading. “Galatea” is an insightful examination of relationships and commitment, with unexpected, postmodern twists on conventional wisdom.

1h 45m, Los Angeles, California  Drama,
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sat 16 @ 4:15; Mon 18 @ 5; Tue 19 @ 7; Wed 20 @ 2:45; Sat 23 @ 7

Gargoyle Garden;  Burgerboy Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics: Jeff LaGreca, Composer: B. Allen Schulz, Character Design: Charlie LaGreca; Director: Jeff LaGreca, Music Director: Silas N. Huff; Choreographer: /Movement: Jeff LaGreca; Edgar Allen Densmore is a weird, lonely little boy who has trouble fitting in at the Piedmont Private School.
Spending his time alone up in the decaying rooftop garden, he one day receives a mysterious invitation to a strange and raucous moon-lit party!
From the creators of the FringeNYC/Off-Bway hit, MiNiMUM WAGE! 1h 0m, Astoria, NYC  FringeJR, Musical
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 7:45; Sun 10 @ 5:30; Wed 13 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ 2:30; Wed 20 @ 8

A Gathering of Eagles;  Writer: Charles Garo; Director: Dan Drew; Fighter pilot veterans of WW II, including former enemies, convene prior to the dedication of a controversial memorial for all deceased war pilots. They reveal why men fight, why men kill, why Hitler killed… A new world order or hell on earth? 2h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Sat 9 @ NOON; Fri 15 @ 2:30; Sat 16 @ 7:15; Wed 20 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 10

The Gay No More Telethon;  The Fundamentally Wrong Co.; Writer: Book and lyrics by Michael DiGaetano, Music by Albin E. Konopka and Michael DiGaetano; Director: Dennis Erdman; Tonight, Reverend Wiley Ray Henderson’s Religious Broadcasting Network presents The “Gay No More” Telethon. Your generous contribution will help turn every homosexual straight by the Rapture or the 2014 Winter Olympics… Whichever comes first. “Let’s Get One Thing Straight… You!” 1h 40m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Musical
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Fri 8 @ 7; Sun 10 @ 9:15; Tue 19 @ 7:15; Thu 21 @ 3; Sun 24 @ 3

GEM! A Truly Outrageous Parody;  Writer: Amanda Allan, Music by Tyler Walker; Director: David Karl Lee; Choreographer: Robyn Sklaren, Costumes by Angela Harner; Battle of the Bands! Join 80’s cartoon icon GEM as she battles evil rockers to save her totally tubular orphanage from foreclosure! Will rock-n-roll, hope, and a hologram machine be all she needs to win your vote? 0h 45m, NYC, Brooklyn, Orlando, Florida  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #11: The Barrow Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 2:15; Tue 12 @ 10; Tue 19 @ 3:30; Thu 21 @ 6:45; Sat 23 @ 9:30

George the Fourth;  Michael T. Middleton; Writer: Michael T. Middleton; Director: Dina Epshteyn; When Diana brings home yet another fiancé to seek her acerbic parents’ approval, she doesn’t anticipate quite so much honesty from all involved. A comedy this dark will make you wish you too had a coyote for a drinking buddy. 1h 54m, Summit, New Jersey  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ 9:15; Mon 11 @ 5; Fri 15 @ 4; Sun 17 @ NOON; Wed 20 @ 7

The Golden Aurora;  Working Artists Theatre Project; Writer: Steven Fechter; Director: Ari Laura Kreith; In this dark and modern fable, a Mid-Western town transforms into a taboo world of myth and legend. The Golden Aurora is the haunting and redemptive tale of a man who falls in love with a rare and beautiful dog. 1h 55m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 16 @ NOON; Sun 17 @ 7; Wed 20 @ 3; Thu 21 @ 5; Sat 23 @ 9:45

Good Pictures;  Monarch Theater; Writer: Ashlin Halfnight; Director: Dominic D’Andrea; Good Pictures charts the course of one bloody night in an upstate town jail, where an ailing immigrant and a young hustler construct an uneasy alliance and a desperate escape plan. 1h 35m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Thu 14 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 7; Sun 17 @ NOON; Tue 19 @ 3:15; Wed 20 @ 5

Gratuitous Novelty: A locked away cabaret;  KineticArchitecture; Writer: Rob Davidson; Director: Rob Davidson; Choreographer: Rob Davidson; Eat, gag, cut, bleed…cope with us…get your need! Step right up! It’s the company dubbed “hilariously depraved” –Ballet-Dance Magazine.
An abused circus explores the tightrope of healthy verses horrific coping.
Do freaks simply wear the wrong mask? 0h 45m, Secret Lab, New Jersey  Dance,
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Fri 8 @ 6:15; Sun 10 @ 5:45; Wed 13 @ 7; Tue 19 @ 3:30; Fri 22 @ 8:30

The Grecian Formula;  Followspot Entertainment; Writer: Carter Anne McGowan; Director: Mary Jo Lodge; How far would you go to win the phallus? Commanded to write the world’s first drama, Homeric celebubard Thespiotis orders his servant, Alidocious, to ghostwrite. And so the witty slave does write on cue, though mayhem, masks, and choral odes ensue… 1h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 5:15; Tue 12 @ 10; Sat 16 @ 7:30; Sun 17 @ NOON; Wed 20 @ 9:45

green eyes;  Leopold Group; Writer: Lizzie Leopold, Brian Mazzaferri, and Jessica Redish, with Music and Lyrics by Brian Mazzaferri; Director: Jessica Redish; Choreographer: Lizzie Leopold; How do you best tell a story of young love in the modern age? A musical? A dance? A love song? Journey through an intense, conflicted, uniquely modern relationship told in modern-dance and folk-pop music. A new kind of musical. 1h 10m, Chicago, Illinois  Musical, Dance
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Sat 16 @ 6; Sun 17 @ 7; Wed 20 @ 6; Thu 21 @ 7:30; Sat 23 @ 7

Heaven Forbid(s)!;  Martice Enterprises; Writer: Marco Antonio Rodriguez; Director: Marco Antonio Rodriguez; Life’s a bitch and then you die! The ultimate multi-cultural experience! Outcast souls-pimps, transgender, and others, convene in “purgatory” to convince the man upstairs to let them in. 2007 Dallas/Fort Worth Critic’s Award Winner for
Outstanding New Play.

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