FringeNYC 2008 Schedule and Guide A to C

@lice in www.onderland;  Old Campus Productions; Writer: Based on text by Lewis Carroll; Director: Celeste Ballard, Maggie Burrows and Allegra Long; Choreographer: Celeste Ballard, Maggie Burrows and Allegra Long; Originally created and performed by undergraduates at Yale University, @lice in www.onderland is a dance/multimedia adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole into the internet… our www.onderland. 1h 0m, New Haven, Connecticut  Dance, Multi-Media
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Fri 15 @ 10; Sat 16 @ 1:45; Mon 18 @ 7:15; Tue 19 @ 5:15; Fri 22 @ 9:45

III;  joes & co.; Writer: Joe Salvatore; Director: Joe Salvatore, Assistant Director: Ryan Weible; A real life, all-male ménage-a-trois (1927-1943) between the photographer George Platt Lynes and one of the great artistic couples of the 20th century: writer Glenway Wescott and MOMA curator Monroe Wheeler. Never an even split, always emotionally charged. 1h 40m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Performance Art
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Wed 13 @ 4:15; Thu 14 @ 9; Fri 15 @ 6:45; Wed 20 @ 4:15; Sat 23 @ 7

2 By Sinner: Unburthen(To My Soul’s Delight!)/If Water Were Present It Would Be Called Drowning;  Theatre Revelation; Writer: John Sinner; Director: John Sinner; L.A. surrealist’s dynorama themepark ride visits modern Adam & Eve dynamic! Part gothic/Part screwball! See 10′-tall queenly Sis and shell-shocked sibling’s apocalyptic playground! Witness fantasy freakout of disintegrating housewife escaping husband’s domestic bliss!
No parental guidance (Please) 1h 0m, Los Angeles, California  Performance Art, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Fri 8 @ 5; Tue 12 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 10; Tue 19 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 5

52 Man Pickup;  Working Man’s Clothes Productions; Writer: Desiree Burch; Director: Isaac Byrne; Sex and chance find their blessed union in this daring, fast-paced, memoir-manifesto, “52 Man Pickup”, a salacious evening of story telling, stand-up, and sex toys – a high-spirited romp through the city that never sleeps with the same person twice. 1h 20m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Thu 14 @ 7:45; Mon 18 @ 9:15; Wed 20 @ 5:30; Thu 21 @ 10; Sat 23 @ 3

The 70% Club;  SistaStyle Productions; Writer: Mary McCallum; Director: John Wiggins; Can a woman find lasting love these days— especially a black woman? Can two people stay together – “’til death do us part”? As one couple prepares to say “I Do” and another couple separates, these issues are explored. 2h 0m, Nashville, Tennessee  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Thu 21 @ 4:45; Thu 21 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 9; Sat 23 @ 4:30; Sun 24 @ NOON

The Alice Complex;  Tall Story Productions; Writer: Peter Barr Nickowitz; Director: Bill Oliver; Who is in control? A feminist icon is held captive in her home by her student, Rebecca. Past, present, and future collide when two women of different generations create a Chinese box of inspiration and betrayal in this psychological thriller. 1h 15m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Fri 8 @ 4:45; Tue 12 @ 7; Fri 15 @ 4:45; Sat 16 @ 9:30; Thu 21 @ 9:30

All Hail The Great Serpent!;  MURDERFIST; Writer: MURDERFIST; Director: Krobos the Eternal; A journey to the dark horizon of your mind ocean. SUBJUGATE YOURSELVES to the unholy whims of The Serpent King without whom we would not have the power of flight and to become invisible. It’s a comedy show. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, NYC  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Fri 8 @ 5; Sun 10 @ 7; Mon 11 @ 10; Sat 16 @ 2; Wed 20 @ 7:15

America 20XX;  Wacky Hijinks Sketch Comedy; Writer: Cyriaque Lamar; Director: Cyriaque Lamar; In a Technicolor wasteland, America’s last superheroes combat an evil computer virus, civic apathy, and snug, form-fitting bodysuits. Inspired equally by Captain America, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Jerry Bruckheimer, this star-spangled satire is EXTREME POLITICAL SCIENCE FICTION! 1h 10m, New Brunswick, New Jersey  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Fri 8 @ 7:30; Sun 10 @ 3; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 11:45; Mon 18 @ 6

The Amish Project;  Nora Productions; Writer: Jessica Dickey; Director: Sarah Cameron Sunde; “MAN WALKS INTO AMISH SCHOOLHOUSE AND OPENS FIRE.” A gunman’s widow faces neighbors in the supermarket, a town meeting, and the silent, sacred community of the victims’ families. Imbued with poetry and humor, it explores a community grappling with loss and faith. 1h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Solo Show
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Fri 8 @ 5:30; Sun 10 @ 8:45; Wed 13 @ 9:15; Sat 16 @ 7; Sun 17 @ 5; Mon 18 @ 3:15; Fri 22 @ 9:15

Anais Nin Goes to Hell;  Maieutic Theatre Works; Writer: David Stallings; Director: Cristina Alicea; Imagine an island in hell with Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Queen Victoria…waiting for their men. What happens when women’s lib icon Anais Nin arrives to turn their afterlife upside down?

2007 First Prize Winner Boston Theatre Works Unbound Festival. 2h 20m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Fri 8 @ 9:45; Sun 10 @ 9:30; Sun 17 @ 7:15; Thu 21 @ 5:15; Sun 24 @ 2:45

Ariel View;  Royal Jelly Theatre; Writer: Compiled by Andrea C. Graugnard and Daniel J. LeBlanc; Director: Andrea C. Graugnard and Daniel J. LeBlanc; Choreographer: Justin Henry; A violent and intellectual collage of texts by and about Sylvia Plath that questions why we idolize, pity, and use her life and work for our own purposes. A scathing and humorous look at our fascination with the poet. 1h 20m, Manhattan, NYC  Performance Art, Spoken Word/Poetry
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 5; Tue 12 @ 9:30; Sat 16 @ 7:15; Sun 17 @ NOON; Wed 20 @ 9:45

Ascension;  Robinson Williams Productions; Writer: Cynthia G. Robinson; Director: Petronia Paley; It’s 1850 on a plantation in Alabama and Ruth desperately loves her Jacob as they dream of a wedding. A rape. A secret. A birth. A mystery. A murder. Sweeping tale of obsession, possession, and the freedom to love. 2h 0m, Yonkers, New York  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Sat 9 @ 2:30; Wed 13 @ 8:45; Fri 15 @ 2; Sat 16 @ 6:45; Thu 21 @ 6:45

Baby Cow;  FrokieCo.; Writer: Christine Renee Miller, Developed with Matthew Hoverman; A curious young woman seeks her true voice against hurled advice from her overbearing Korean mother and a sex-craved, black-loving Brit. Hilarious characters emerge, including a series of whacky doormen… Watch Baby Cow milk her teats for all their worth! 0h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Solo Show, Comedy
VENUE #13: The Players Loft; Fri 8 @ 7:30; Sat 9 @ 3; Mon 11 @ 8:45; Fri 15 @ 3:30; Sat 16 @ 9; Mon 18 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 4:30

Be Brave, Anna!;  M-34; Writer: Tara Schuster; Director: James Rutherford; See the spectacle! As Anna Nicole Smith is transformed, before your very eyes, into the heroine of a 19th century French melodrama! Witness American virtue: trash, glitter, ambition, and your own series on E! 1h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Comedy, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Fri 15 @ 6:45; Sun 17 @ 2:45; Thu 21 @ 9:45; Fri 22 @ 3; Sat 23 @ 3:30

beast: a parable;  Three Monos Ensemble; Writer: J. Julian Christopher; Director: J. Julian Christopher; The director of FringeNYC’s 2006 Outstanding Ensemble winner, The Onion Lovers returns with a new one-act. A man and a woman share a dangerously lustful evening at a motel room, confronting race and its impact on sexual protocol. 0h 42m, Kew Gardens, NYC  Drama,
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Tue 12 @ 9:45; Wed 13 @ 4:30; Fri 15 @ 8:15; Sun 17 @ 10; Thu 21 @ 5:30

Becoming Britney;  Endless Supply Productions; Writer: Molly Bell & Daya Curley; Director: Daya Curley; Choreographer: Mandy Bell & Molly Bell; How does a pop sensation wind up bald and trapped in her own musical? A caustic (but loving) PG-13 fable that chronicles the rise, dip and salvation of a foolhardy celebrity phenom. Are you ready to face your inner Divas, y’all? 1h 30m, San Jose, California  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 5; Tue 12 @ 7:45; Fri 15 @ 9:45; Tue 19 @ 5:15; Sat 23 @ 2:30

Behold, the Bowery!;  The Attic; Writer: Daniel Pfau; Director: Daniel Pfau; Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Manhattan Island’s famed Broken Nose Inn for an evening of music, dancing, sinning, dreaming and damning. Behold, the Bowery! Where plans are made and cons are played but promises are meant to be broken. 2h 0m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater; Fri 8 @ 6:45; Tue 12 @ 8:45; Thu 14 @ 7; Sun 17 @ NOON; Fri 22 @ 3

Big Beat/Back Flow;  Asami Morita + Nichole Arvin; Director: Nichole Arvin and Asami Morita; Choreographer: Nichole Arvin and Asami Morita in Collabolation with the Performers; Be the big beat! Reach across the fence through the stark landscape of dissonance and broken movement. Join the performers in creating a soundpainting that flows from the stage to the audience. Have an encounter with action and noise! 0h 45m, Manhattan, NYC  Dance, Performance Art

VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Fri 15 @ 5:30; Sat 16 @ 8; Sun 17 @ 3:45; Mon 18 @ 9; Wed 20 @ 9:15

Big Thick Rod;  Rabbit Hole Ensemble; Writer: Stanton Wood; Director: Edward Elefterion; Cricket’s ready to hump the table leg. Her husband wants to improve her mind. Can they find satisfaction with a three-armed gardener, a busload of Japanese tourists, and someone named Rod? Aren’t you supposed to screw the ones you love? 1h 30m, Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sun 10 @ 2; Mon 11 @ 7:45; Thu 14 @ 5:45; Wed 20 @ 9:30; Fri 22 @ 9:30

Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire;  Kind Strangers; Writer: Written & Perfomed by Mark Sam Rosenthal; Director: Todd Parmley; One natural disaster strikes another! A refugee story whose politics and pathos you have read but never experienced through the eyes of Tennessee Williams’ tragic heroine, the desperately deliberately fragile alcoholic codependent sex-addicted Blanche DuBois – America’s most broken woman™. 1h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ 7:15; Mon 11 @ 3; Thu 14 @ 11:45; Sun 17 @ 9:15; Sat 23 @ 1:30

Boots;  Migrant Productions; Writer: Giacondo Trevellini; Director: Michael Petranek; In violence Tiny is born, in vengeance saved, in remorse redeemed. Caught in the tribal warfare of generations there are two trails to tread – one of the nation, one of the heart. His epic journey in music, movement, masks, boots. 1h 50m, Queens, NYC  Drama, Clown/Mask
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Sun 10 @ 12:45; Wed 13 @ 4:30; Sun 17 @ 7:15; Wed 20 @ 6:45

The Boss in the Satin Kimono;  Fabulous Productions; Writer: Blake Hackler; Director: Susanna Gellert; Nuns! Whores! Lesbians! Social Workers! Song! Dance! Tapestries! Join Lady Maybelline and company as they fight to save their “ecumenical clinic for men in need” from the evil moral majority! Looking for family fun? You won’t find it here! 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Sat 9 @ 2:30; Sun 10 @ 9:30; Fri 15 @ 7:30; Sat 16 @ 2:45; Tue 19 @ 3

Bound in a Nutshell;  Moonwork; Writer: Based on text from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Adapted by Gregory Wolfe & Gregory Sherman; Director: Gregory Wolfe; Claudius oversees the facility where Hamlet is being held for a senseless murder. Security cameras watch his every move as Hamlet plots revenge against his father’s assassins. This one-act adaptation re-imagines Shakespeare’s 400-year-old tragedy. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, FringeHIGH
VENUE #8: The Cherry Lane Theatre; Sat 9 @ NOON; Tue 12 @ 2:30; Fri 15 @ 9:15; Tue 19 @ 9:15; Sat 23 @ 4:30

The Boy in the Basement;  Basement Boy Productions; Writer: Katharine Heller; Director: Nell Balaban; This live action romance novel is the story of four co-eds whose lives change when they find a striking stranger trying to rob their house. Watch what happens when Lance Speedworth breaks into their home- and steals their hearts. 1h 15m, Brooklyn, New York  Comedy,
VENUE #7: The SoHo Playhouse; Sat 9 @ NOON; Sun 10 @ 5; Thu 14 @ 3:45; Thu 21 @ 11:45; Sat 23 @ 10

But for the Grace…;  Bob Jaffe; Writer: David Eliet; Director: David Eliet; 38.5 million Americans live with hunger. Not just the faceless homeless, but people from our daily lives: working men and women, children, elderly. Honest, touching, and humorous portrayals evoke laughter and tears, and, most importantly, a call to action. 1h 20m, Providence, Rhode Island  Solo Show, Drama
VENUE #5: walkerspace; Fri 8 @ 7:15; Sun 10 @ 9:15; Thu 14 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ 2:30

Bye Bye Bombay;  Cara Yeates Presents; Writer: Created by Cara Yeates; Director: Jonno Katz; Bollywood and beyond! Join Gauri and her puppet guides as she dodges rickshaws, Russian dancers and lecherous directors. A foreigner lost in a maze of masala, will this sulky runaway learn more than just the art of crossing roads in India? 1h 15m, Vancouver, Canada  Multi-Media, Solo Show
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Sun 10 @ 10; Thu 14 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 3; Sat 16 @ 9:45; Thu 21 @ 7:30

Carl & Shelly, Best Friends Forever;  Carl & Shelly Productions; Writer: Andrea Alton & Allen Warnock; Director: Jay Duffer; With a little help from 80s sitcoms, poetry and hot glue, Carl and Shelly bonded for life. Then, the “other woman” and ravenous roaches separated them. Will they remain Best Friends Forever? A one-act comedy about friendship, Alf and forgiveness. 1h 10m, Brooklyn/Queens, NYC  Comedy,
VENUE #14: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Lafayette Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 7:15; Tue 12 @ 3; Fri 15 @ 5:45; Sun 17 @ 9:30; Thu 21 @ 7:30

Chandeleirva;  MerryGoRound Productions; Writer: Suzette Araujo; Director: Evan Tsitsias, original direction by Michael Kennard; A one-woman comedic musical extravaganza, Chandeleirva is the hilarious journey of a charming, free-spirited entertainer facing her personal demons head-on with humour and passion. Awarded Patron’s Pick at Toronto Fringe and Quincy Award Runner-up at Montreal Fringe. 1h 0m, Toronto, Canada  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 16 @ 6:30; Mon 18 @ 8; Thu 21 @ 3:30; Sat 23 @ 8; Sun 24 @ NOON

China – The Whole Enchilada;  Big Boy Strut; Writer: Mark Brown, Music and Lyrics by Mark Brown, Arrangements and additional music by Paul Mirkovich; Director: Jim Helsinger; An irreverent slapstick race through 4000 years of Chinese history in 90 minutes. Three guys speed from Chairman Mao to infected fowl, the greatest wall to the largest mall, Genghis Khan to Fu Manchu-han. It’s a musical of Olympic proportions. 2h 15m, Brooklyn, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #1: The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts; Fri 8 @ 9:30; Tue 12 @ 3:45; Sat 16 @ 6:45; Fri 22 @ 5; Sun 24 @ NOON

Choke City;  MeanBoy Productions; Writer: Manny Liyes; Director: Manny Liyes; Choke City is where a stand up comic died on stage. A brilliant loser who inspired a traitor, a love and a heckler. Was it suicide? Or murder? Was it funny?! It’s New York. 2h 0m, Queens, NYC  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Fri 8 @ 7; Sun 10 @ 2; Thu 14 @ 5; Sun 17 @ 7; Sat 23 @ 4:15

Choose Your Own Play;  Hem&Fitz; Writer: Timmy Wood, Greg Hundemer, Caleb George, John Robert Hundemer, and Paul Salazar; Director: Timmy Wood; You’re on the couch. A knock on your door. A ringing phone.

Which will you answer?

You choose. You might win your homecoming game or chase artifacts from a sea-captain, enlisting the Kraken’s help. Over 80 different endings. YOU decide. 1h 45m, Houston, Texas  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up
VENUE #19: CSV Cultural and Edu. Cntr. Milagro; Mon 11 @ 7; Wed 13 @ 3:15; Fri 15 @ 9:30; Mon 18 @ 5:15; Thu 21 @ 9:30

The Chronicles of Steve: the bossy bottom;  path productions; Writer: David LeBarron; Director: Gordon Vandenberg; Gay from L.A.: With his new one-man comedy show, David LeBarron weaves a sex-quest that fully inflates the biggest sexual organ: the heart. The LA Weekly said: “Hilarious, slide-splitting, very funny, riotous, GO! 1h 15m, Los Angeles/Silver Lake, California  Comedy, Solo Show
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Fri 15 @ 9:30; Sat 16 @ NOON; Sat 16 @ 7; Sun 17 @ 9:15; Mon 18 @ 5

CLONE;  ConLab; Writer: Christopher Loar; Director: Rafael Gallegos; What if you were taken over by you? John clones himself to escape loneliness. John 2 meets Jennifer and falls in love. John wants a piece of the action. John 2 has a different idea. Actors alternate roles each performance. 1h 0m, Brooklyn, NYC  Drama, Comedy
VENUE #12: The Players Theatre; Sat 9 @ 1:45; Wed 13 @ 3:15; Fri 15 @ 10; Sun 17 @ 7:30; Wed 20 @ 5:15

THE COMPLETE PERFORMER;   Stand-up! Magic! Naptime! Mindreading! Improv! Escape Artistry! Audience Awards! In 30 minutes!!? One person!!? Yes! The ride of your life from Letterman Emmy-award winner Ted Greenberg! 0h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Solo Show
VENUE #6: The Jazz Gallery; Sun 10 @ 8; Mon 11 @ 6; Sat 16 @ 8:30; Tue 19 @ 4:15; Sun 24 @ 2:15

Conjecture;  Headless Whorse Dance; Director: Robin Rapoport; Choreographer: Robin Rapoport; Headless Whorse directed by Robin Rapoport, fuses dance with sculpture. Different scenarios allow the dances to remain tangible and viewer friendly. Engendering curiosity and surprise, Conjecture explores our own toiling and ‘work’ as vital to our ability to live dynamic lives. 0h 30m, Stamford, Connecticut  Dance,
VENUE #16: Theatre 80; Fri 15 @ 7; Sat 16 @ 9:30; Mon 18 @ 6; Wed 20 @ 8; Sun 24 @ 2:45

CONTROL;  New York Artists’ Community; Writer: Jessica Hinds; Director: Lucia Peters; Hold on to your remotes!! When vertically challenged and sexually confused Brady gets fired he’s forced to move in with loudmouth college dropout Holly. Together they crash into a quarter-life crises leaving them susceptible to the manipulation of bizarrely accurate infomercials. 1h 30m, Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Drama
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Thu 14 @ 4:45; Sat 16 @ 9:15; Sun 17 @ 4:30; Wed 20 @ 2:45; Fri 22 @ 7

The Corn Maiden;  Artist Collective NYC; Writer: Jess McLeod and Justin Swain, adapted from the novella by Joyce Carol Oates; Director: Jess McLeod; Marissa Bantry is 11. She has long blonde hair her mommy brushes and braids before school. One day, someone is watching. The next morning, Marissa goes missing. 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC  Drama, Multi-Media
VENUE #10: The New School for Drama Theater; Sun 17 @ NOON; Mon 18 @ 9:30; Wed 20 @ 5; Fri 22 @ 7:15; Sat 23 @ 4:30

CREENA DEFOOUIE;  Ruby Bloomsbury Theatre; Writer: Charlotte Barton-Hoare; Director: James Hoare; Choreographer: Haruka Kuroda; Welcome to the home, retreat, boudoir of counsellor Creena. Her unique services help half-wits who lack harmony and hormonal balance. Mental patients go missing…a case for extraordinarily well-endowed Superintendent Hardon? AB FAB meets ADDAMS FAMILY by way of ROCKY HORROR! 1h 0m, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom  FringeHIGH, Comedy
VENUE #9: The Studio at Cherry Lane; Wed 13 @ 9:45; Fri 15 @ 5; Sun 17 @ 6:45; Wed 20 @ 9:30; Sat 23 @ 3

Cruising To Croatia;; Writer: Peter Mikochik; Director: Pamela Sabauth; Two blind buddies pose as musicians on a cruise ship,
in search of a seductive internet voice.
A stern woman captain, the lovely Dr. Lena and a Texas billionaire
clash with the boys in this feel good musical comedy. 1h 0m, Shelter Island, New York  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #15: Theatres at 45 Bleecker Street – The Bleecker Street Theatre; Fri 8 @ 7:45; Tue 12 @ 3; Sun 17 @ 9:45; Sat 23 @ 4:45; Sun 24 @ 2:15

CYCLE: a vaudeville comedy;  Wiltsie Bridge Productions in association with Off The Leash Productions; Writer: Rose Courtney, with original music by Rachel Kaufman; Director: Craig Carlisle; Choreographer: Laura Sheehy; Blown from scene to scene on her shiny red Schwinn, Charlotte Shrubsole races after the Secret Of Success. Crossing fates with a troupe of performers from the past, she’s drawn into a whirlwind — from Shakespeare to soft-shoe. A charming, retro dream. 1h 50m, Manhattan, NYC  Musical, Comedy
VENUE #4: The Deluxe at Spiegelworld; Sat 9 @ 9:45; Thu 14 @ 5:15; Sun 17 @ NOON; Wed 20 @ 7:15; Sat 23 @ 9:15

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