Trump Refuses To Fall For Fake News Traps

Trump Refuses To Fall For Fake News Traps

Why Trump Wont Demand National Shut Down?

Watching the mass media frenzy over everything Trump one is lead down some horrid dark world where everything is negative and everything is about Trump.

Probably the most outrageous propaganda coming from the likes of CNN is how they shift the blame of Corona virus response from the city and States to the president – DEMANDING that the president become a dictator. When Trump sent Federal marshals to Portland to protect Federal property from their “summer of love” this same mass media rose up like a volcano spewing hatred and calling the President a “fascist” and trying to become a dictator. Imagine if the President tried to declare a national lock down?

Mass media lays the trap..

Trump is not falling for these traps. The fact is the cities, municipalities, States you live in are the ones responsible for this. They are responsible for anything other than what the Federal government has under the Constitution. So States are responsible for your health, not the Federal government and certainly not the President.

What is the Presidents responsibility?

Well, what is the President supposed to do? Encourage Americans to follow what doctors tell them, what the States tell them to do. When the States ask for help, as Cuomo did in NY, they were given everything and more than what they asked for. In fact Cuomo brags about how he has huge stockpiles now. The President is supposed to be a cheerleader for the nation. Trump stands and gives all the good news he can while the mass media really just wants to keep up negative news. In fact they will twist whatever they can into a mass hysterical negative tirade.

Mass media inserts meanings where not exist = fake news.

Once Trump was talking about “disinfectant” and UVC. Mass media, comedians, and every joker around took that and twisted it to be “Trump Claims Injecting Bleach Can Contain Virus.” I don’t know what world these “journalists” live in but that is not what he said. Watch the actual press conference where this bit of fake news emanated. There was no such “claim,” merely “what if’s” and positive hopes something might help.

Trump can be forgiven for all his attacks on mass media because mass media seems to exist on attacks on Trump. Trump is responsible for all the parties spreading Covid in California, Texas, Florida, everywhere. He is not, each State is responsible and your city or town halls!

The USA will not tolerate a federal response across the nation.

Trump should shut down the USA. Are you nuts! He will not become that fascist dictator so mass media can attack him for that too! But mass media are demanding he should and waiting to pounce if he does. He will continue to try and be a cheerleader for the USA and working, in his own way, to boost the economy and help the American people thrive as best as the power of the Federal government allows. He is restricted from forcing States to shut down, it is their choice, power and responsibility.

Democrats and Republicans agree, the war machine must go on.

In the meantime the US government, both democrats and republicans, continue to spend 70 cents of every dollar on war, the deadly spread of hegemony. In fact, the both worked together recently to defeat a bill which would cut defense budget by 10 percent and divert those funds to support the nation during the enduring epidemic.

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