CNN Still Calls Election Fraud A Lie

CNN Still Calls Election Fraud A Lie

CNN drones on and on how there was no evidence that there was election fraud. CNN drones on and on how Trump lies, lies that the election was stolen, lies that there was fraud.


I personally met with every single International Election Observing national representatives and each and every one that observed the voting in the USA had the same thing to say:

“We were never asked to observe elections in the USA.”

The EU elections observers said they just had no time and were busy with fighting the Corona Virus.

Actually, they never observed anything here, but they did say Trump’s assertions that the election was flawed might have flawed the election. But there was not one single nation to observe. Only our own political parties watching themselves. Like the fox safeguarding the chicken coop.

There were no International observers, just party people. No one really counts those who vote, or controls anything. The US history never had an election, national, state, or local, where corruption, fraud and vote rigging did not happen. Usually it take years to uncover, but every election had them. 100 years ago the most famous were the Tammany Hall scandals in NY. Votes have been bought with beer, cigarettes, busing people around to do multiple voting, and of course the series of LIES each candidate for EVERY office continues to lie, commit frauds, steal, and do criminal acts while they “serve” the public.

Have an election and the frauds will rise

Election fraud is the very base of our nation since incorporated under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which changed our form of government from “We the People” granting limited powers to a central authority to mere “citizens” of a centralized incorporated authority.

It went on to make those citizens taxable for the sweat of their brow, canceling the independence of The People from the burdens of a central authority who claims all debts made by the government cannot be questioned and must be paid by the citizens.

Pardon Trump before the whole Biden presidency becomes a poisonous snake.

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