Trump Continues Efforts At Hostile Corporate Takeover Of Venezuela

Trump Continues Efforts At Hostile Corporate Takeover Of Venezuela

Trump In Hostile Corporate Takeover Of Venezuela

In a Washington DC press conference, with the wife, Fabiana Rosales of self declared interm president of Venezuela, Trump twice referred to Venezuela as a corporation that needs saving. Which indeed it looks like a hostile corporate assault. Ms Rosales was so much in awe of the White House she really had no idea what Trump was saying and certainly more interested in the ceiling than anything else. We would quote what she had to say, but she said nothing.

Trump however did have something to say and it was certainly telling of what was really on his mind.

“The potential of Venezuela, if done properly, and with, with, democracy, would be incredible. It was one of the richest companies, certainly, and now it is one of the poorest comp – countries of the world” Trump declared.

at minut 1:35

Trump seems to find the poor and starving of Venezuela compares to a company, all about the money. What about the money? Recently Pompeo told the US congress it make take up to $500 million to fix the Venezuelan economy. When you look at that figure and compare it to the assets frozen, stolen, and held captive just by the US and UK banks it amounts to less than 10 percent what they are illegally holding back from the sovereign nation.

USAID Ready to Use 5% of Seized Assets For Regime Change

USAID Might Return 5% of Siezed Money to Venezuela

Further USAID, the government organization known for distributing arms in aid packages, declared:

“The budget also would continue democracy assistance for Venezuela, and includes flexibility to provide additional funds to support a democratic transition or respond to the crisis there, including up to $500 million in transfer authority to support programs managed by the State Department and US Aid.”

What sovereign nation will cede control of its government and finances to USA?

Trump went on to complain that Maduro would not take the $100’s of million in aid sent to the border with Columbia. This “aid” was in fact burned and destroyed by the Guaido supporters. Trump claimed of Maduro “He would rather let his people starve than take the aid.” In fact plenty of aid was let in, just not from Washington DC.

Trump then demanded the Russians get out of Venezuela and changed his usual mantra to “All options are open” in favor of the overused “all options on the table.”

Russia, for its’ part has stayed true to its’ agreements from 2001 to help Venezuela and is there by the request and agreement of the elected president Maduro.

What NYCTV sees in all this is more broken promises by Trump to stop the US from being the world police, stop expanding wars around the world, and stop using regime change and violence to obtain what it should negotiate and work for.

We all have three words for Donald Trump: “HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!”

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