Peace Through Assassination and War

Peace Through Assassination and War

Want Impeachment? You’re Getting WAR Instead!

As the Democrats in Congress busied themselves for the holiday season with dreams of impeachment President Trump has set out a path to peace using war.

With this week seeing Trump, who singly took responsibility for it, launching a death drone assassination attack on the highest ranking military official in Iran, his claim of bringing peace through war is ringing in a new season on governments everywhere. The message is loud and clear, everyone who disagrees will be disintegrated and any attempt at retaliation will be punished with the destruction of your nation.

Peace through Assassination and war.

Trump’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s successful efforts to eradicate ISIS in Iraq and Syria, has the world leaders thrown into a conundrum. Adding to the problems with this US mafia like assassination also killed the head of the Iraqi militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and several other high ranking Iraqi military leaders. Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis gained fame destroying ISIL in Iraq.

Trump warns Iran retaliation will mean war!

Trump has warned Iran that any retaliation will result in some 52 major strikes directly on Iran and “cultural sites” will be targeted. Trump also said this assassination by Trump is not to start a war, it is to prevent a war. The USA is the only nation allowed to send out hits on anyone with impunity and the world really has to swallow this or face the atomic stockpile.

According to the US government Soleimani was instructing militias to increase attacks on US installations in order to provoke a powerful US military response which would redirect recent Iraqi protests towards the USA. Trump has claimed that the recent protests in Iraq were against Iran influence and that when the protesters stormed the US embassy, breaking through the Green Zone protective shields, it was really Iranians, not Iraqis storming the embassy.

Mike Pense claims Soleimani responsible for 9/11

VP Mike Pence is on the trail defending the assassination with wild claims that Soleimani was involved in 9/11 while stealing babies from incubators and gathering yellow cake to destroy the USA. And the depths of depravity reach new lows as Israel claims it had prior knowledge of the assassination when even the US Congress did not.

Whomever is advising Trump seems to have a penchant for re-writing the language to circumvent responsibilities. Trump is heard saying he personally ordered the hit on Soleimani not to make war, but to bring peace. Assassination brings peace. There is an issue here where all leaders, all citizens of all nations have to ponder just what this means. The US government has now made non-judicial executions on anyone anywhere at anytime for whatever reason it might think and claim that person stands in the way of US hegemony.

We may change the meaning of assassination as an effort towards peace and claim US liquid gas are made from “peace molecules” while Russian gas is dangerous to your well being but I get the feeling that many will be alarmed at the problematic ideal that the US feels entitled to do such things and it alone should never face the consequences of our actions.

In this case, certainly, Trump has not made any of us safer.

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