Bankers Take Over Governments In Italy And Greece

Unelected bankers have taken over the governments of Greece and Italy in a flagrant affront to democracy worldwide. Both Italy and Greece have allowed European Bank officials to take over their governments as the elected prime ministers resign their nations to a new form of government. We do not know how to call a nation whose government is taken over by bankers but it is plain to see there is no representative government left in the birthplace of democracy.

As the investment bankers spread their financial terror to smaller nations through continued use of high frequency trading and a concerted effort to short sell sovereign bonds the siege on the people of the world continue leaving the banking partners, government, powerless to stop banks from placing their officials as head of governments.

What can the Italians and Greeks be thinking? What can they do as their elected officials step aside to allow unelected banking officials to take over their governments. Unlike the USA, where bankers either buy off or promote their officials into elections, the European Central Bank is just appointing leaders to governments.

In Greece the prime minister was forced to resign after he demanded a peoples vote on the budgets being forced on them by the central bankers. Once he resigned he was replaced by a man who never once ran for election and only claim to office being he was an official of the Brussels ECB.

In Italy Berlusconi at least pushed through laws to strip the people of the nations assets and wealth before allowing the bankers to install another unelected banker from the ECB.

Perhaps this new form of government should be called Bankcacracy? Rule by force of bankers using national police and military to serve and protect bankers’ interests. What do you think?

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