Sarkozy Demands Papandreou Drop Referendum Or Quit

Referendum Was Just A Joke

France’s emperor Sarkozy has read the Greek PM Papandreou the riot act. The French and German leaders stated that either he drops his idea of a referendum or be thrown out of his job. It is not the first time French rulers have controlled Greece and it will not be the last. Papandreou has started to find a way out of giving the people a say in bailouts by claiming if he could get a consensus with a few of his cronies he could bypass any democratic process in the continued sell out of Greek sovereignty to the troika.

Sarkozy plainly stated “”I think the message that was sent to the entire Greek political class yesterday by Germany and France together has helped in a sort of realization of how things might develop and in Greece they have realized this,” we are not sure of what might develop except the ruling political class will lose its authority.

Frankly we have never witnessed such blatant skullduggery as the French rulers threatening Greek because they want to do for their people what Iceland’s government did for theirs. The main problem being that the slaves supporting governments will never vote for the continued free money to cover bad bank frauds. When Papandreou announced he would let the people have their say it was exhilarating to hear. People could finally express themselves without the “political class” that Sarkozy is protecting. That was short lived, as Sarkozy and Merkel demanded that democracy be left out of the bailout ballgame.

Here in New York City we are used to such things. We had three public referendums on term limits and the public wants them. That was democracy. But Bloomberg overturned those three referendums of the people by gathering 10 cronies and voting a new law for himself and the 10 cronies to get extra terms. Now that is the rape of democracy and perhaps Papandreou is taking a lesson from Mayor Mike?

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