NYC TV Endorses Occupy Wall Street Condemns Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Time has come today. NYCTV endorses the Occupy Wall Street Protests and condemns the use of obscure laws and heavy hand of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In the early morning hours, when all but the protestors were asleep Bloomberg sent his army into Zuccotti Park to remove all signs of protest. Police arrested almost 50 percent of the protestors who were huddling together in tents and cover to keep warm rather than have the city supply its citizens with the porto-potties they needed to keep the area clean.

While police did not fire bullets they did use tear-gas, mace and violent means to remove those who still wished to stand for all Americans.

Bloomberg, as is his profile, used an obscure legal maneuver to remove protest from NYC. That law, that cities “may” prohibit overnight camping in public parks was stretched to the limit by Mike Bloomberg to dismantle the protests that continued even through the cold weather.

Earlier this month Mayor Michael Bloomberg was interviewed and claimed the protestors have the wrong target. Bloomberg stated it was the government’s fault for forcing banks to make mortgages! What a tool! I can see it now; bankers forced to make mortgages and fake derivatives based on those mortgages were forced! It is almost as palatable as Jamie Dimon’s claim to be doing gods work in stealing the wealth of nations.

NYCTV now endorses the Occupy Wall Street protests. We feel that the New York City government as well as the state and federal have worked with bankers to strip the nation of its assets. All members of the ruling government have gained their offices through the donations, or payoffs from large corporations and work to provide a platform for criminal activity that is never prosecuted. Frauds are rampant and small fines paid – no financial terrorist has been jailed.

As the federal government works hand in hand with bankers, giving them money for free the bankers of Wall Street have not moved to give this money back into the economy and have instead worked to feed computerized trading to raise the prices of commodities and to attack other national currencies. 0 percent money is killing America! If bankers did not have free money to continue to speculate on the basic needs of citizens, raising the price of food, clothing and energy while they continue to sell their poison derivatives crushing nations around the world the nation would finally grow. We need 10 or 20% interest to keep the bankers from speculating and to stop giving bankers free money. Perhaps 0 percent money should only be available to natural persons rather than corporate entities?

Dismantle the banks, put back the regulations on investment banks, raise the interest to stop banker speculations and give citizens directly the money to bring about economic prosperity for the citizens rather than banks.

Michael, you are a disgrace to democracy since you bypassed voter referendums and continue your plague on freedom by making protest illegal.

We support the people in their quest to dismantle the corrupt banks, investment houses and the governments they put in place.

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