White Christian Terrorists Plant Crusade Back On Map

The latest white Christian terrorist attack happened in Oslo Norway as a self admitted crusading terrorist and member of several hard core cults makes it abundantly clear that the war of religion and race is live and growing.

Single-handedly killing 92 people in a murder rampage this Christian terrorist has highlighted the way mass media handles terror. From the Arab side it is “terrorist jihadist” and from the white Christian press it is just an armed lunatic.

The reality is that war between Christians and Arabs continues today as Europe pushes for an integrated society. Both sides have radical terrorists and both sides are equal in their banality and evil. The problem is not people, it is religion and their cult upbringing. Cults have historically fought for supremacy and killed those that would not follow their beliefs, whatever they were. The truth is the world would be a better place without cults and the idiots that join them.

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