NATO Bombing Of Tripoli Almost Ousts Ghadaffi

With over 400 sorties flown over Tripoli this weekend, killing at least 1300 Tripoli citizens, NATO has laid waste to a nation and allowed insurgents to enter the capital. The insurgents flush with the billions of dollars Obama released to them entered the capital with new tanks and armored vehicles bringing arms and munitions to those opposed to the government. The fighting still goes on.

Fresh funding from the UK releasing Ghadafi billions to government insurgents is hoped to finish the 40-year reign and the six months of relentless bombing by the USA, UK and France.

Italy has already staked out an oil claim in Libya as well as France and the USA. China has sent bids to rebuild the infrastructure, but the NATO action had nothing to do with oil and everything to do with protecting civilians. It is with deep regret that an estimated 10,000 have died from NATO bombing but the oil must flow cheaply and we need it more than Libya. As soon as Libya knows what they are missing with our version of freedom happiness will abound.

While Saudi Arabia has the longest reign of tyrannical monarchy, over 500 years, with little freedoms and even less freedom for woman, it is still nowhere on the NATO list of nations to free and Saudi princes funds and accounts are moving nicely as is the oil to our nation. On 9/11/2001 16 Saudis slammed commercial jetliners into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon.

Obama for his part continues to tell Libya that they must change their leader and has already taken steps to keep the US trained Mahmoud Jibril as ruler of that nation along with Khalifa Haftar. Kahlifa head of the military. Haftar has had a personal grudge against Ghadaffi and has spent the last 20 years in suburban Virginia training for this day. While it is unclear exactly how Haftar supported himself over the year’s speculation of CIA support is clearly a worthy answer.

In the end Obama showed that democracy can be spread with enough money (costs of this bombing campaign will top $1.4 trillion) and bombs, people will exchange their freedom for a vote as dictated by the Western troika (France, UK and the USA).


Is democracy mob rule? Comment below:

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