USA Sends Signal To World

USA Sends Signal To World

USA Sends Signal To World as Thug Three Attack Another Nation

The Thug Three, USA, UK and France, have attacked Syria without provocation sending a signal to the world. Trump and his allies have unilaterally decided to watch Youtube videos and collect rumors then used as an excuse to send over 100 missiles into the Syrian capital Damascus this week.

Syria has been locked in battle against ISIS and several other extreme terror organizations for almost seven years. Many of these have been funded and trained by the Thug Three. In fact the USA has been occupying Syrian territory for over 4 years and actively ships arms and munitions as well as US forces from Turkey.

Will this latest billion dollar bombing send any signal to the Syrian government as it is winning its’ war against terrorists? Actually we do not think that is the signal the Syrian government or any smaller nations government will get from this.

Since the Thug Three had no legal legs to stand on, and acted out of the International Law, all nations outside the Thug Three will see one thing – North Korea. As a nuclear power North Korea was able to stand without a Trump bombing run because of the danger posed by nations with nuclear power to retaliate. Even now the first concern of that nation is that the US commits to no regime change. Both in Syria and North Korea Trump drew a red line. The difference? Atomic Bombs. If you don’t have them you are fair game for the Trump “Lock and loaded” shoot first, answer nothing later.

We have to do something to stop the rampant use of force on other nations to change their governments to ones we like. Our Congress has done nothing as they are busy with getting elected or reelected. As we all know, nightmare neighbors are as common as they come.

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