Only NYCTV polls predicted it and supported Trump throughout the election process.

Mass corporate owned media shown for what they really are, a mere arm of the Democratic party. The shame and exposure of their collusion is now part of history and the American people have shown they no longer have the control they once had. In fact social media, the Internet, has shown it can bring better communication and cleaner reporting than anything Time, Inc., Murdock, or any of the other media giants can offer. It in fact showed that trust in the old school media giants is gone. RIP!

We still pray that Trump remembers to work and play well with our ally Russia. We hope he works to bring jobs back to the USA. We hope he stays the course of working with other nations instead of destroying them. We hope he keeps the military strong and ready. We hope he strengthens our borders and controls of who can become an American and who should go home.

Congratulations President Trump. We look forward to the changes you will bring.

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