A Prayer For Election Day

A Prayer For Election Day

The good, the bad and the ugly.

As you go to the polls today I want to share with you some of my life observations.

This election rampage has been nothing less than anything Barnum & Bailey would have done. From Hillary Clinton conspiring with the Democratic National Committee to deny any chance of a Bernie Sanders win to the relentless exploits of her out of control drones planting stories, etc., to the likes of the fighter Trump who has taken a personal fortune and spent it in a fight for his life.

The biggest exposure of this election is the press, the media, and corporate controlled media colluding with each other to interfere with the elections. It is not Russia we had to fear, the danger was from within. Just last night the evening news guy on CNN was bragging how all the media worked hard to give everything to Clinton and she should be grateful. The American people have been screwed by this and given bias reporting from previously “respected” media. Besides ignoring the problems and baggage Clinton carries while writing praise of Clinton they wrote twice as much negative articles about Trump, intermingling fact with fiction as hit pieces.

Clinton’s claim to fame lies on a road pocked with corruptions from making sausage (that means two faced lies), conspiracy with Republicans, sending people to cause violence at Trump rallies and just so much bull. It is the meanest I have ever seen in 60 year of politics.

Trump’s claim to fame lies on a road filled with the ups and downs of a driven businessman doing deals. His taxes are not an issue, that shows he know the holes in the taxation laws that need repair. His issue about woman? I really don’t understand that. I have heard far worse bravado in my years on this planet and woman in the back rooms make men look tame! It is just no one wants to admit it or publicly condone it.

Trumps issue with Putin is a non-issue. We as a nation must work with Russia to destroy the common enemy of Islamic State. We do not need war no friction with Russia and Trump will give it a try. Clinton wants to increase the tension, destroy more Middle East governments and keep getting the donations from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The thing about Trump is he is a fighter. I see him out there and all the big name politicos are not there. Not Republicans and of course no Democrats. There he is getting off his plane going state to state and he is alone, fighting the fight. He does not have the big corporations helping him along he does it himself. Other billionaires like Bloomberg and Mark Cuban want to run for president too, they have shouted this out and shrunk from even starting. Mark Cuban was courting Trump to be his running mate, and when Trump denied him he too became a mouthpiece for negative press on Trump.

Every time I see a Republican side with Clinton you have to ask why? The whole establishments, both sides of the fence, are scared to allow Trump his hard earned triumph. That is a good sign that change may finally happen and the country will be run for America instead of corporations. These same congress freaks have done nothing for years under Obama, just bicker and bring the whole running of government to a stop. Wars are being escalated everywhere outside our nation as our infrastructure is crumbling around us. We need change! We need a chance for change.

So a prayer:
Dear God, if you really exist somewhere,
Let our nation find guidance and bring us closer to peace and prosperity. Guide the souls of the earth to stop interfering outside their borders. Let nations choose whom they want to lead. Stop expanding war machines into every border. Bring us together to bring the nation together.
If you have a side that wants to see good, let Trump win and guide him to be the peace president we were once promised but never got.
Vote Trump!

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