Trump Takes Road To Peace – Mass Media Prefers War

Trump Takes Road To Peace – Mass Media Prefers War

Trump Takes Road To Peace

– Mass Media Prefers War

Since the amazing first summit between Trump and Putin, where the two leaders met to finally work out their differences and move on for peace, US mass media has done everything it can to lead the American public to the road of continued conflict and aggression. Usually the mass media, predominantly owned by the Democratic party, should be happy to see detente, normalization, and the road to peace. Yet we are faced with a corporate media so angry about their myopic editorial policy and direction shown to be wrong about Clinton’s failure to win the White House that nothing can happen that wont have them clamoring for the impeachment of the elected president.

It would be hard to believe any American who would rather hold onto a path of aggression, hate and antagonism rather than take a new approach that might change everything. Would you choose war or peace? It would almost seem the mass media wants to lead Americans by the nose into hating any opportunity to make peace because Trump is doing it.

Trump, over and beyond all this is moving to bring the USA and Russia closer together, to continue the detente started long ago and forgotten merely because Trump was elected instead of Clinton. The loss of the champion of the mass media hurt so bad they will be sure to continue the negativity to any efforts made by Trump – positive or negative. It leaves the mass media open to disbelief and being called fake news, which they seem to enjoy and expand with.

I cant think of any relationship of any sort that grows well when all you might do is to scratch at the negative past instead of forgiving and moving forward. Trump is willing to draw the line and move forward, mass media cannot do that. They prefer to extend the line into a border that cannot be crossed. Mass media seems to prefer a route that holds onto negativity rather that reach out and find common grounds to move forward. The art of the deal rejects this kind of thinking. It is counter productive specially when applied to diplomacy and ultra specially when applied to the worlds two leading super powers.

We cannot allow mass media to stand in the way of peace. We must stand together ready to try and trust rather than reject and destroy chances of peace. Putin and Trump want to work forward, not dwell on the past. You cannot make a fresh future demanding one stays stuck in the past. How can you make change that way?

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