NYCTV Open Letter To Trump About Russia Summit

We were all cheering as you went to Helsinki to finally meet with president Putin. We were even happier that your goal was to sit down and communicate in a positive way, like a real deal maker. You did not go in with guns blazing, accusations, assessments, or other stumble blocks that would stop moving ahead. You went in open and willing to find common ground and avenues for the future. Kudos.

Then came the press conference.

While the International press actually asked some good questions it was the US press that kept on droning on about election meddling and things that have no way to be proved and would not provide a path for a productive future. You kept your cool and moved forward.

The world does not understand the US press is owned by democrats and far left wing politicos. The press ignores history to present the questionable as unquestionable. So, after they picked apart the text of the press conference they came up with such vitriolic rantings the whole nation cowered in the fear they presented. The headlines read “Treason,” “Putin’s Puppet” and others that were meant to drag the nation by the nose for no other reason than you were moving ahead. They did not even care to explain what treason means or if it would apply, just the words would get the radical left media and their minions ready to riot. Why?

Well, the radical left wing press has decided that our intelligence community are white angels. Long left without mention is the most recent lie that really started all the Middle East wars, ISIS, and 1 million dead Iraqis. No mention that an honorable man, like Colin Powell, would stand before the world at the UN with a fake bottle of chemical weapons, claiming the US intelligence community guaranteed that weapons of mass destruction were already in the hands of Iraqi president Saddam. It wasn’t an “assessment” which is like “assuming.” It was real and proven by the intelligence community. In fact some of the same people who found that WMD were in Iraq are there today. But today do not have any evidence they can provide, just a feeling, and worse yet, the evidence is on a server the victim, the DNC, refuses to supply. You are wise to just pass that by and let president Putin deny it and you accept it – all in the ground work of moving forward.

It is a wise man who brings his enemies closer, and changing an enemy into a friend through showing that working together can be far more rewarding than fighting wars. You showed you wanted to move that way.

Today we only question why you back track. Is the pressure from these radicals so much that you cannot keep on the path you know is right? Cant you ignore them and move on. Allowing them to harass you and provoke you to do things you do not want to do is playing into their hands.

We question your cleaning of the swamp. We believe the swamp is poisoning your water and you let them into your inner circle. Big names have come in with big issues. You did not bring in private people like yourself, you brought in GW Bush’s henchmen! Everyday is someone resigning, even a stenographer, who are still working there and were Obama appointees. You will not get good advice from inner circle people, you will be better off following your own path.

Everything you have done so far proves you may be different but you are getting results. Stay the course with Russia, they will make great friends. Stop pandering to those whose life has been in politics, they are trained in lies, cheating, and corruption. Stay the course President Trump. Do not back track from pressure! Our intelligence community is not perfect, is infiltrated, has spied on all nations, has spied on all US citizens, and has been caught in lies, murder, regime change, election meddling and more. When the corrupt mass media tries to make them flawless, ignore them or make them list the flaws. An assessment is not proof or enough to go to any war.




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