Pompous Pompeo – Trained Liar Working For Israel

Pompous Pompeo – Trained Liar Working For Israel

Working for Israel and Pounding Against Venezuela

In most of August and part of September good old Mike Pompeo was working hard for Israel. Pounding the pavements of several European and Arab nations spending millions of tax dollars to force a variety of small European and Arab nations to recognize Israel and force them to make their embassy in Jerusalem.

One of the most astounding was how he hoodwinked Aleksander Vucic – the Serbian leader, using fine print, to make a move of his embassy to Jerusalem! He was so astounded he had to look again at the agreements fine print, seeing it, he hit his hand to his forehead in disgust at the trickery of Pompeo. But, one must remember, Pompeo is a trained liar, cheat, and thief and proud of it.

Of course the world reeled at this news and the EU condemned both Kosovo and Serbia for their agreements with Pompeo and warned if they opened embassies in Jerusalem they will no longer be considered for EU membership.

But in his months of work for Israel, Pompeo went to all lengths and even got Malawi to agreements for this other nation. One really has to wonder who pays for all this?

Pompeo Does Not Forget Friends

But Pompeo has other funding to worry about as his longtime financiers, the Koch brothers, still have their billions tied up in a Texas refinery set up to work with dirty oil, like that from Venezuela. This refinery is basically idle and waiting for oil that Pompeo and Trump promised from Venezuela when they tried to foist their own choice for president on that nation.

Pompeo Pick of Guaido for Venezuela is Failing!

While Pompeo signed up the usual nations dependent on US aid and protection to back the US choice for Venezuela, the silly Venezuelans just would have none of it. Spending directly to the US choice of president for Venezuela, sending in mercenary armies, having Elliot Abrams take charge of shipping arms to terrorists ready to work for the USA regime change, and all the blockades, sanctions, and grabbing of ships at sea still has not instilled revolution in the peoples of Venezuela. What will it take to allow Pompeo to dictate the dictator for the Venezuelan peoples?

We can only hope that Tump will take a dump on the more than pompous Pompeo. Every time this idiot talks you MUST remember: Pompeo Admits he is a trained liar, cheat, and thief

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