China Set To Force Apple, Google and Facebook Sale

China Set To Force Apple, Google and Facebook Sale

China Ready To Force Apple To Sell Operations

China is readying plans to force Apple to sell its Chinese operations to a Chinese corporation over security concerns according to official sources. It is claimed that it will include all Apple outlets in China, manufacturing facilities, cloud servers and services and all financial operations within China.

Additionally these sources claim that Google and Facebook will soon face the same fate.

As the lines of commerce and business are being crossed and merged into one unit, or system we are reminded that there is a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator or a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls while regimenting all industry, commerce, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. This is called Fascism and fits both nations if this is the course they take.

Trump Forced Sale of International Platforms

All this has been brought to the fore by the US government interfering with the Internet and business by having any competition that looks as though they are getting ahead of the USA banned, arrested, or worse. In the most recent case the US government has started the forcing of international corporations to sell anything profitable to a US controlled corporation. Just look at what they are doing with Tik-Tok and We Chat and you can see something is wrong.

All About Banking and Jurisdictions

The real issue, which the government is not stating, is that these companies based in China or anywhere outside the USA are really not UNDER THE US JURISDICTION. The USA cannot pass laws against them, they cannot demand they face Congress, they really can do nothing but sanction them. And there lays the other problem; all of these Chinese apps are starting to have their own banking and payment systems OUTSIDE the US controlled banking system, or what the US calls, “The International Banking System.”

Once we drive this wedge between our “International Banking System” and the rest of the worlds population our dollar, our corporations, our security will crash around us.

Freedom is capitulation.

It is a bad precedent complicated even more with the US government demanding a piece of the action from forcing the Chinese to sell their assets for basically fractions of their value. But, this is not without precedent as in August the king of Spain fled his nation with over a billion is such “pieces of the action” on a deal with Saudi Arabia that gave 3 cents of every barrel to the Kings Coffers. He left his son to be king as payment to the Spanish people he violated claiming “He is good, treat him as your king now.”

When you really want to know what the “Deep State” is you only need to look at all those whose names never leave the political landscape and those they get funding from. It is deep, it is wide, and no one has ever defeated it. So look forward to more insanity.

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