NYCTV Open Call for Video TV Producers

New York City: Some of the most innovative and provocative websites in New York City belong to NYCTV. To bring more information, news and entertainment NYCTV has inaugurated a new interactive video-sharing site for the New York community and the world at large. NYCTV now has opened the gates to the new sites with a call for video producers to upload your video and show your stuff off on NYCTV and to the world.

At NYCTV You can upload your video in most popular formats for conversion by our servers or simply link to your own files at the remote host like YouTube, Revver, MetaCafe or other hosted video services. Then create your own shows at NYCTV using the groups and inviting friends. You can be the next biggest thing on NYCTV.

Free promotion for films, events, TV show ideas, comedy routines, bloopers, promote your demo reels, promote your band’s music, get people to see your live events, and of course guided tours of New York city and nearby attractions.

Take part in the fastest growing online TV network by uploading your video and creating your own show on NYCTV. It’s free and easy if you have a computer and some video just Register now for free.

Once registered at NYCTV you can upload or embed the link code from your hosted videos and start to create your group channel for free. Your video is posted to the front page instanly and there is no waiting once it is posted by NYCTV!

Once your videos start to get popular they might be featured on the front page where it will get more traffic and views. You can create your own shows as groups so they are easy to find and link to. You can share all the videos and vote on your video as well as others, adding them to your favorite list and making them one of the best TV shows that on NYCTV.

Shows about Broadway Theater, New York politics, Mayor Bloomberg, all the way to the wild art openings in Soho are welcome. The city of New York is open 24 hours a day and so is the NYCTV website. Offering high visibility in the largest market on the planet your show could zoom to worldwide popularity and make you a star!

Be one of the first to get on NYCTV new video sharing website and create your own video show. You are the programmer for the latest TV shows and NYCTV opens its doors to provide the audience.

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