NY Times Continues Secrets and Lies

The NY Times was exposed as a propaganda driven outlet back in the Bush days when they hid the truth for over a year on illegal government domestic spying. A look today shows the same propaganda, obfuscation of the news and outright distractions from the problems faced by New Yorkers and the whole USA.

Gold and Silver – The NY Times reports gold and silver rise to record highs due to investor concerns about global inflation, government debt and turmoil in the Arab world.

The real reason behind recent surges is the debt that the US government has accumulated and the fact that the US government are spending over 100 percent of everything made in the USA each year. 50 Percent of that sum goes to banks to cover the interest on the loan and the rest really goes to wars that can never be won.

Libya – The NY Times reports very little about the realities in Libya. They have yet to even expose the CIA, MI6 and French secret service boots on the ground there. They do not expose the secret arms and ammunition deliveries except to comment that NATO expects the Libyan government to run out of ammunition before the insurgents. The New York Times insist on calling the government insurgents rebels to belie the fact that a government exists there and terrorists are trying to take over.

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