Bloomberg Spends $100,000 Buying Guns in Arizona

Mayor Bloomberg, our NYC mayor, went out to Arizona to buy three guns for $100,000 of tax collected money to prove he can buy guns anywhere in our free nation. We wonder why he did not send his agents to the Bronx or at least Harlem to help sales up there.

Bloomberg claims that 90 percent of the guns from crimes come from out of state but knows that the guns bought by NY residents come right from here. NYC has really no legal outlets for guns and the people selling them buy them from other parts of the state and nation where freedom is vastly more popular than Bloomberg himself.

In a city where snow does more damage than the three guns bought in Arizona people are wondering what is on the mind of our mayor.

Bloomberg has intimated to his close advisors his fear of citizens who do not like his brand of shoot from the hip laws, where he is constantly overturning the popular vote because, as he says, “so what?” getting their hands on weapons where they might redress the government leaders for taking away the voting franchise.

It is nice that Bloomberg uses tax revenues to such good purpose. NY’ers should understand how to get arms and should be educated why the right to such arms is in the Constitution and not the whim of some insider politician who fears for the crimes he has committed against the people. The Constitution gives all Americans the right to have guns, not for hunting, not for sport, but to maintain militia to keep government from doing just what Bloomberg has done. That is, overturn voters will to their own benefit.

As the bankers continue the rape of the economy with fraudulent actions protected by the very officials elected to put them in jail for their frauds the fear drums are beating to keep these citizens from actually having a way to stop the real crimes.

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