New York Disgraced As Spitzer Sputters On

Eliot Spitzer seems to have a hard time reconciling his criminal behavior with the image he wants to portray. With his recent trip to a Washington DC breakfast with Hillary Clinton set with the prostitution meetings beforehand the empty apology handed over on Monday seems empty of any reality. Eliot Spitzer is still trying to pull the strings of the elite to cover his tracks. Rumor has it that the same team that tried to push an illegal third term for Giuliani is now trying to make criminal prostitution solicitations, interstate wire fraud, use of state funds for criminal enterprise a simple personal tragedy. It is not a tragedy. These are crimes all too familiar in the elite and powerful. Like a disease their adrenaline pumps from the power they yield as they become too jaded for any pleasures but what is forbidden to common folk. Spitzer became what he claimed to fight against.

Spitzer built his career on prostitution and busting up prostitution rings. He worked many of his early years building a name while working inside with the prostitution rings and this may have been where his connections were made. As Mr. Spitzer moved up through the political hierarchy through contributions and group affiliations he went for the bigger pressure groups and started to tie into Wall Street white-collar crime. It really seems his only coup was to get a free Ipod for himself with these accomplishments of Eliot Spitzer taking on Wall Street. He also tied into another illuminati ringer, Andrew Rasiej pushing a pyramid WiFi scam for a Spanish company they were involved with during the elections. Andrew Rasiej was defeated and so was the Spitzer/Rasiej alledged government sponsored WiFi scam in NY. most other Cities that tried it found it a burden on public debt to increase private corporate profits. Spitzer now is going down but Andrew Rasiej is still there with the others from this ring.

Spitzer was pushed into the governor’s job by the mass media that never did their homework. Even as they report these incidents they obscure the crime and actually allow the criminal to continue as if nothing really has happened. This would not be the way Eliot Spitzer would handle such affairs when he busted up prostitution rings. You lied to your wife, your state, and the people of America while the people you busted were honest about being pimps. Hey, Eliot! Why not spend some time in jail with your compatriots and pimps?

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