Why Eliot Spitzer is Pushing WiFi Instead Of 911 Justice

by: Randy Penn

A follow-up on Eliot Spitzer Offers Free WIFI Not Justice to NY Voters

Eliot Spitzer had Andrew Rasiej in his hands for many years now. The two of them are still trying to beat the dead horse of government funded WiFi for NY State. While using the mantle of public good and public funds these two have been working for years to push this through. NYC TV set out to find out why Rasiej and Spitzer are so much into this WiFi and found some interesting things.

First of which, this is Andrew Rasiej little pet and has been used in the 2004 elections where Rasiej brought in less than 1% of the vote. This is not a wailing greenlight by the people for that cause. Rasiej used the WiFi for everyone, a phrase he has used in many contexts.

Andrew Rasiej lost that run based on his one platform of government implemented WiFi (this was never discussed as free and will cost more than most pay now for cable) and the promise that underprivileged will benefit through this access. This will elevate the poor in Harlem and the Bronx to the ability to check movie times, buy theater tickets and get the latest sports anywhere on their Blackberry&39;s or laptops. A real boon to level the digital divide.

But Rasiej has something else he pushes. FON. Rasiej has taken an equity position in the company (and others may have part of that or the company themselves there is not time to dig that out now) who makes the routers that Rasiej and Spitzer are pushing to sell to the city and state. Placing Eliot Spitzer in office will allow the transaction and these guys will clean up.

Pushing FON on N.Y. and the U.S. for a piece of the pie will just be another day at corrupt government.

FON is a wide area networking pyramid scam that is growing in Europe and trying to get into the USA. Pyramid scams are illegal in most states and I am sure Eliot Spitzer knows that. With FON you make money sharing your connection and make more affiliating and then it goes on in a pyramid scheme to increase your income based on getting more people on the network. Sound familiar?


Andrew helps get FON in the USA and all of a sudden FON has funding:

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - Aiming to increase access to the Internet, particularly for people away from home, Google, Skype and other leading Internet investors Sunday announced a $21.5 million investment in an innovative new Internet access network called FON.

According to some sources, both Time Warner (cable) and Venison (DSL) will work together with FON and allow sharing WiFi. FON is also partnering with Andrew Rasiej and for this project.

At a recent event in lower Manhattan Rasiej has no problem representing himself as FON to get free labor for his favorite charity; wealth and a seat on that train. Agenda:
1. Andrew Rasiej/FON , an organizing event for Project Wifi4NY. Starting next week FON will start to distribute free routers in the East Village as a pilot. The idea is to determine how many routers are needed on a given block, determine what technical issues we have to hurdle, and also see how people respond to the offer. Additionally discover what skills people have and what they are willing to do as volunteers.

If anyone cared about New York people perhaps they should look around the boroughs at the poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and level the fields of health, education and wealth before you give WiFi access to the rich and famous to line your own pockets using "volunteers".

As Spitzer and Rasiej have been tied to the hip for the last few years their destiny in the wireless NYC are probably going to happen anyway. The Democrats will push whomever they want in there and the powers will have their agent in place, Rasiej will take the money and the bow and perhaps the powers will finally flamboozle the people into electing Rasiej and he will finally get where he wanted all these years of political donations and gyrations.

Let&39;s hope the subjects of the legal system in New York will find sense and elect John Clifton to governor. Don&39;t accept the better of two evils, as they are still evil. Vote for the Republic, vote for freedom and liberty, vote Clifton.

NYC TV endorses John Clifton for governor. We once again firmly endorse the Libertarian candidate for Governor John Clifton and Donald Silberger

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