Nancy Pelosi Meddling in EU UK Politics

Nancy Pelosi Meddling in EU UK Politics

Pelosi over trumping Trump

Nancy Pelosi is taking over the job of Secretary of State as she threatens the UK with sanctions and no trade deal if they break the UK Brexit deal with the EU. One might wonder how a speaker of the house might find it her right to decide on trade deals with the UK and EU, and even making threats over treaties, and you would be right to wonder.

Why Isn’t Trump Doing This?

Trump, for his credit, has decided to allow the UK and the EU to work out their own deals and is waiting to start a US trade deal with the UK. Pelosi and her band of war hawks may sqwack a lot about it, but the deal is for the USA and the UK, not Pelosi. One might think she figures her powers will be expanded to encompass the ability to negotiate trade deals and make threats on nations.

Wouldn’t it be nice of Congress worked for the people?

For the past three plus years our House of Representatives, led by Pelosi, have done nothing for the nation. Busy with investigations to rid the nation of Trump the Democratic Party has done a vast disservice to the American people. Instead of providing for the people with education, infrastructure and health care they pursued a course of attacks to remove Trump from office. EVERYTHING revolving around that central theme.

In the meantime the roads, bridges, buildings, school system, health system, have further rotted exponentially. Even this the Democratic Party continues to blame Trump. Perhaps if they worked for the people Trump would have had more time to address these issues instead of constantly defending against false claims, witnesses, etc. Trump did not get 4 years to lead the country, he got four years of the Democratic Party’s constant offensive to get him out by force. They all neglected the nation in this pursuit.

Democrats and Republicans Worked Together on One Bill

There was one glowing star in all these years of neglect. One glowing example of the two parties working together. The Democrats and Republicans voted down a bill that would divert 10% of the war budget to aid the people of the USA and expand the health services to face the Corona Virus pandemic. It was the only bill in 3 years that overwhelming was defeated by both parties.

Biden has promised that if the US elects him president the Democratic party will finally stop fighting against the Republicans and work together. Long live wars!

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