Michael Bloomberg has Third Term Messiah Complex

Only Bloomberg Can Save You?

Like some contagious disease, comes time for the New York mayor to step down out come the claims of ultimate need for only the one ultimate leader – whomever is in office. It happened during 9/11 when Rudy Giuliani tried the same third term trick. Now multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg will claim himself the only one fit to rule the kingdom of New York City.

In 2001 we heard the story from the “only man” who could lead after 9/11, Rudy Giuliani. Bloomberg was a stonewall and did not allow Giuliani a third term. Up until this summer it looked like Bloomberg was to leave office soon having pilfered enough money from the city coffers into private hands to find contentment. But that is not the case as Bloomberg wants to keep his hands on the power seat – like the precious ring from Lord of the Rings – my precious mayoral crown.

Why is it that these people thinking they are the only ones capable of leading? Rudy thought no one could do better than he, yet Bloomberg cleaned up Giuliani’s mess pretty well. In fact Michael Bloomberg brought many city services into corporate hands losing billions in the process. So he did a good job feeding the Wall Street frenzy and his budget is out there in space spending billions more than earned while cutting services. Spending is on new professional baseball fields and parking lots for Ikea to the tune of $10 billion of taxpayer liability.

The reason there are term limits is to check corruption before it is too embedded. To keep cronyism from forming where change is needed. Two times in 1993 and 1996 mayors have tried to push this to voters who soundly rejected such extended terms.

This summer Bloomberg brought together the heads of all the major news outlets to sound out the idea and cut the deals needed to push a more horrible scenario. This one is where Bloomberg circumvents the will of he people and makes declaration through the city council – which will grant themselves more time to their terms as well. How convenient is this?

Enough is enough Mayor Bloomberg; it is time to just leave gracefully.

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