Bloomberg Thumbs Nose at New Yorkers

NYCTV says no more Bloomberg!
City Council backs Bloomberg
on another term to continue ruining the economy of the City of New York. After 2 referendums in 6 years told the government two terms only, the mayor, along with the majority of those who are also to have left office, voted themselves an extra term ignoring all past referendums that other Mayors held when they tried to continue their rape of the taxpayer coffers.

During the Bloomberg term the city has lost more money than any other mayor. He has taken public funds to develop properties handed over to friends to make private profits. He has spent billions on baseball stadiums and helped feed the Wall Street frenzy. He has led the city to financial ruin and continued to support the brutality of the police force – matching bullets in unarmed men with his predecessor.

A Quinnipiac University poll yesterday found 89 percent of the people demand a referendum. That means only one in 11 people back the government gratuitous granting of 4 more years of what got us here in the first place.

Bloomberg might have kept the television industry growing if he had not funded government TV to compete in the private sector. But his “business” mind does not think in the way a statesmen should – it is for profit. Now that the government is also the bank, with all their loses and troubles, he is needed to hand over more to the big guns who have their man in the mansion.

It is time to leave Michael, let it go.

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