James Murdock Proves Psychopaths Control Media

James Murdock, Harvard dropout and psychopathic liar, has left the UK and his business there to continue the carnage of the family in the USA. It was only a few months ago James Murdock sat before the Parliament in the UK claiming he had no knowledge of the criminal hacking of phones to obtain stories for his scandal rags. In the ensuing months emails and testimony of his employees showed he not only had knowledge but daily reports with complete transcripts from those illegal phone taps.

Murdock immediately quit his posts as head of the family businesses that were part of the scandal in the UK and left for New York where he will continue his efforts. No one truly understands why the government in the UK has no laws or means to take care of liars who swear under oath to mislead them. In fact the UK government allows him to do, as he pleases no matter what nefarious actions he instigates.

As James Murdock returns to the US he will head the media empire that sways the minds of many Americans through his directorship at the Wall Street Journal and other news media across the nation.

Recently his father has rescinded his American citizenship to avoid the US government’s reach onto his property and insulate him and his family from the crimes he has overseen. James Murdock’s status remains unknown except that he and his family still control much of the major media relating to finance and scandals.

Like the lies, or omission of important facts perpetrated by the owners of The New York Times, Murdock and his family will continue to print media and broadcast TV shows which present a distorted reality bent on shaping their goals on the American people with full impunity as to what they say and how they gather their information. Americans, for their part, somehow forget the evils in the past and in their never-ending faith believe that truth will win out over the powerful and dishonest. When will we wake up?