Congress Passes CISPA Protecting Providers From Prosecution

It does not take much to read the CISPA act and see all that is there is the protection of the likes of Google, Youtube, Gmail and others from civil and criminal prosecutions for actions they are doing today. Each day your searches and emails are scoured for keywords. Providers like Youtube and Google allow government computers, hooked directly to their service, for scrutiny and possible actions. The CISPA act is nothing more than legalizing the operations and allowing large service corporations legal protections for the invasions of privacy already occurring.

Unlike other recent bills that were trying to stop rampant copyright infringement, which Google/Youtube are the largest offenders and vociferously lobbying against, CISPA is being heavily promoted and lobbied for by these same entities. In essence Google wants to continue to profit off copyright works while it continues to provide Government with access to its users personal and private data for whatever purpose government wants.

The shocking reality is that everyone who is online and has an account with Facebook, Twitter, Google or other major players have absolutely no rights to their information, private or otherwise, as they are given, sold and moved to other entities. Sometimes it is sold on to marketers and sometimes just used within sister companies for profiling but all the time this information is scrutinized by a large variety of government agencies. Worse, you have no control over it as you have given all that up in the TOS you agree to when you sign onto these “free” services.

The original planners saw that they had to create entities that could gather your information by giving you services for free. Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and others have also willingly opened their data to government agents. Google for its part allows direct access to its data to the government by giving them a cable feed. This allows government agents to scour data any way they wish outside of the Google corporate domain and this is of course in addition to what Google will feed them when asked.

Normally these documents are long and hard to read legal language but the CISPA is short and to the point. All entities must give data to the government and are protected from prosecutions from the members of their services – like you. So rather than believe my take on this you can read the act in 10 minutes or so and knowing how government intends to treat you is important as you use these services. Read the CISPA and see if you agree that those who provide unfettered access to your private personal data should be liable for their actions or do they get a free ride to abuse?