Bloomberg Authorizes Strobes To Hide NYPD Brutality

Bloomberg’s NYPD have rolled out new high tech weapons on the Occupy Wall Street protestors. New high tech strobe lights and high powered halogens are being used to blind and prevent video cameras or digital cameras from recording the increasing massive police violence. Video below:

The peaceful protests have only been marred by police violence. We wish we could say that these are incidents where police were out of control but they are not. In fact it is the White Shutz police, the leaders, who are not just instigating violence, but trying to show their troops how it should be done. Orders from the top, we assume all the way to mayor Bloomberg, to use all force necessary to keep the bankers and Wall Street big wigs safe. Even the use of the new giant rifles which can take down an airplane.

The city is providing more free police protection to Jamie Dimon, who is believed to have caused the global corruption that drained all governments, as well as other billionaire friends of Bloomberg while at the same time authorizing force against peaceful demonstrations.

In the meantime NYPD working with their CIA trainers are infiltrating the Occupy Wall Street movement to cause confusion and instigate the violence needed for the city and state to remove the protests. It seems waiting for the cold is now off the table and police violence is predicted to go up.

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