Billionaire Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Protestors To Go Home

Bloomberg directed the NYPD to close down Zucotti Park and to remove all protestors, their sleeping bags, tarps, coolers, food and water and to not let them back in again with anything. Hoping the cold, lack of food and water would keep the protesters from returning. Bloomberg’s affront to democracy in action is nothing new for the billionaire who doubled his money while in office as he is now worth over $20 Billion!

The city told protestors that they could return to the park without sleeping bags, food or water and would not be able to bring tarps to cover themselves if it rained. Bankers and local government are confident that everyone would stay home once cold weather hits and they could not bring anything to keep warm of feed themselves effectively defusing the protest and allowing Wall Street and the corruptions in government to continue.

As of this hour the eviction has been canceled and the force of the people to protest has trumped the will of the billionaire rulers. Bloomberg did not want to clean up this mess and now has to figure out how to fill the editorials to belittle the protest or hire thugs to cause a riot where he can then allow police a free hand at suppressing real democracy and continue to allow Wall Street, the banks and billionaires to profit.

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