Weiner Waggin Finally Leaves Congress

Was it really surprising that Anthony Weiner finally left the stage of Congress?

When the 46 year old New York City congressman from Kew Gardens finally resigned his office he did so defending his lies, admitting to more lies, and still lied while apologizing for his lies. His departure from the government certainly does not leave a government less corrupt but helped point up just how dishonest our representatives are. It seems honesty and government just do not mix and if you are not on the eternal power train of corrupt rulers you never have a chance at helping our nation.

One must admit that the whole of congress was in an uproar over the affair, yet somehow Weiner waggin thought he could pull a Clinton by outright lying and then backtracking a little bit. Every excuse in the world came pouring out his tainted mouth before he finally resigned.

Even in resigning the x congressman claims to represent the people but Weiner has done nothing to put the bankers and investment heads, who funded his peccadillo’s into jail. Instead he made more excuses.

Anthony Weiner may be resigning in shame, but he’ll leave Capitol Hill with the same golden parachute afforded to all members of Congress who leave public service including over $42,000 in cash retirement benefit! All at taxpayer expense!

New York is not a stranger to strangeness. In fact New York was unfazed when its governor admitted to pot, cocaine and extramarital sex. Like the blind leading the blind! Now with Cuomo in office we are assured of a long linage of insider garbage that will do anything to hide the family follies. New York has also allowed the mayor of NYC, Bloomberg, to turn the voice of the people into a non-issue by taking two voter referendums and tossing them out, like rancid garbage, in his quest to strip more wealth from the coffers. His claim that this allows the people to choose rings hollow with his heavily monies hand got a few bozos to vote the peoples vote into the trash. What do the people know?

With 8 years at the helm Bloomberg sat and allowed the bankers and Wall Street houses to take the nations money and actually claimed he would be able to see the city through the disaster his cronies created. Now, after his tainted re-election he has done nothing as the criminals from Wall Street continue the rape of wealth and claim they are “too big for jail.”

NYCTV wonders how in the world we will ever gain our freedoms again while the government is run by investment bankers?

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