The telephone

I found this corner as unusual. The amount of cameras located at this corner, guessed a hidden history.

I have thought several times about what have been the reason of so many cameras and I what could be the real history, but more than one possible solutions are able to explain what, why and how. There are some important questions that I make to myself:

1. Have the cameras been settled one in one or all simultaneously?
2. What type of crimes has been committed?
3. Are the cameras watching to the people or the telephone?
4. Actually, Is there anybody really entrusted in the cameras and it uses the telephone?

Searching on Internet I have found the Washington Heights’s website. I have tried to log in the forum, but I cannot. I would post looking for some neighbor could give me information about.

I will really appreciate all the information about the real history. Walking straight ahead (looking the picture, on the right) for 10 minutes more or less, we could see the Washington Bridge on the left. This is the location.

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