The Election Polls Were Not Wrong – Just Myopic

Everywhere I turn are mass media outlets running stories of how they got the polls so wrong? After a lot of digging I think I have found the reason the polls had those numbers and why mass media promoted the wrong polls.

The biggest news I saw was the vote in Washington, D.C. where the incredibly lopsided vote came out exactly as the polls predicted. A win by Clinton by 90 percent vs. 3 percent for Trump! Why, that is just what the polls predicted. So at least in one small sliver of the nation the polls were right – Washington, D.C.

Now you have to put the brain in gear and figure out why.

Well, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that as the host of our nations political elite and establishment, Washington, D.C., has lived off the decades of political corruptions, money, and servicing of the elite. From the professional colleges to the bars and restaurants they all cater to those that serve life long in the federal government. They know nothing other than that service and no one in the past two decades has been more served from that than the Clinton family and their influence.

So it is quite clear that the mass media hysteria and promotion of “polls” claiming Clinton winning by a landslide of up to 90 percent comes from those whose life has revolved among the Washington elite. That is the only place those polls were correct. So why didn’t the other states like Wisconsin, Florida or the others show anything other than the distorted polls of Washington, D.C.? Because mass media as we know it does not really do any sort of poll, they just go with their “gut feelings” and create results. It seems there might have been some kind of poll in DC, which all the other polls took their results because no other place in the USA had such results.

The mass media polls did not get it wrong, they never did a poll so the results they proffered were just mass media promoting their candidate and probably based on any, if at all, Washington D.C. polls.

What America should learn from all this is that the corporate mass media is and has been trying to control the flow of information that sways public opinion? By its’ own right it should be reporting and hoping that their information educates their readers/viewers, but that is not the case here. The absolute slant and promotion of division and flaming of emotions is just about all they have done. They never once put Trump’s proposals or even his speeches up for the electorate to understand, instead they trumpeted, using sound bytes, hate, division and ultimately lies that made President Trump look bad.

In the end the American public has seen the discrepancies in reporting and the flagrant abuse of the power media has done. Not one of the six major corporations controlling 90 percent of our media worked to report honestly about the two contenders. Instead that same media pounded away as decade old escapades and short sound bytes that they used as tools to inflame the population took over rather than informative editorial or journalistic reviews.

So it is not so much that mass media corporations had it wrong, they just never had it. In their lust to keep control over the government myopic cronyism took over. What we the people can learn from this is never trust media, go to the source, and make up your own mind. Perhaps if more people had listened to Trump in his own words there might have been more of a landslide for Trump

In his own words.

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