Ron Paul On CNN Live 12/18

Ron Paul got up on television and kept the ship in the right direction. As the news anchor set about the task of defining Paul he used the opportunity to set matters straight.

Ron Paul is what the Republican Party “used” to be about and it is something good for America. Fiscal policy should be bound by reality. You do not spend what you do not make. Foreign policy should be to make things better and not to bring war to other regions in the name of some religion or to strip them of their natural resources.

Americans need to step back and look again at what freedom and liberty is all about. Responsibility for your actions and getting a hold of the purse. Government has become a monolithic monster and no longer and organic creation of the people. 50 percent of the people can inflict great harm on 49 percent of the people and that is why American chose to be a Republic that cared for its minority rights instead of a mob led democracy. Go Ron Paul!

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