NYCTV Officially Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul last night spoke out for Americans last night when he stood up against the use of “pre-emptive” strikes of any kind. While CNN claims that all Republican Candidates backed a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran one man stood out. NYCTV is now proud to endorse the candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul for President.

We feel he may just bring the nation back to the Republic it once was. Allowing self-government to replace the corporate dominance prevalent in Washington these days. Here is what Ron had to say.

On his web site Ron Paul lays out his philosophy on government:

“Many Americans have become disillusioned with our political system. Year after year, election after election we hear all the same promises: Lower taxes, balanced budget, smaller federal government, responsible foreign policy, etc. But we are always left with, higher taxes, ever increasing federal deficits, ever-expanding federal bureaucracy, a foreign policy based on deceit, and a domestic policy that continually restricts our freedom.

We, the people, know things are not right; yet we know our nation was founded on principles that allowed the United States of America to rise above all nations.

Are we the United States of America that our Constitution intended?

For many years our government has been drifting away from the unparalleled wisdom of the blueprint that created a near perfect Union.

Our Constitution has been battered, assaulted and ignored to the point of becoming a fading memory.

The answer to restoring our great nation — respected throughout the world — is to reinstate the Constitution. Our republic can be saved if our politicians return to the doctrine that created it.”

Ron Paul 2008

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