NYC TV Urges Democrats and Republicans – Nominate Ron Paul

While the likes of Mike Gravel may hearten the left wing Democrats there is little meat there for the cult driven Right wing of the Republican Party. Ron Paul represents an American choice. We are opening this Guide to Ron Paul in the hopes that we can open the eyes of Americans to the road the Constitution laid out for us.

America is not about a majority beating on the minorities. America is a Republic. You know, “for which it stands?” America is about freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is not about sending boys far from our land to invade nations on lies and corruptions. It is not about borrowing money to pay for these missions of empire.

American is about allowing freedom not squandering our rights. America is about unalienable rights not “rule of law”. We are not a nation under dictatorship and not a police state where you may be randomly stopped for your papers or a look in your bags. This is not the Constitutional America and NYC TV is not going to endorse the bile being put out by Hillary Clinton, Obama or Rudy Giuliani. Each ready to pre-emptively nuke nations as if that was a real option. We are in trouble and Ron Paul is the only way out.

This guide will take you through future articles and video to explain this position and why NYCTV backs Ron Paul.

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