New York Comedian George Carlin Dies

George Carlin spent the last years of his life lambasting the rulers, the banks and the secret societies that rule Americans. Trying his hardest to use humor to open the eyes of his audiences.


Carlin entered St. Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California on Sunday afternoon complaining of chest pain and died later that evening.

George was an icon to those who saw the never-ending loss of freedom and the dilution of their money to the royal powers who lofted themselves above the law.

While the mass media will merely portray the man as a dirty talking comedian his real focus was on politics and trying to make you wake up to the fraud of politics and religion.


George Carlin was a staple for several generations and will be sorely missed. We are happy to think that George did not suffer long. We know it is all bullshit George but whatever energy you have is still swirling in this world. We are proud you are a New Yorker and thank you for the mark you made on us.

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