Mike Bloomberg Beats Term Limits Suit

Mike Bloomberg proved money is empirical this month by crushing the lawsuit against his third term run. Earlier in the year Mike Bloomberg elbowed others in the inner circle of the City Council, whom were also on the way out from too many terms, to over-ride the two previous public referendums and toss out term limits. A lawsuit claiming this disenfranchised the voting process was ignored and the courts decided that Blacks could still run for office so everything is all right.

The court decision actually ignored the issue of over-turning 2 voter referendums and focused on a narrow issue about the ability of Blacks to run for office. Someone filed some pretty bad papers and wanted the suit to disappear and the real issues to never be officially addressed.

The fact is the government makes laws and they do not have to reflect what people want. That is democracy and America as Mike is happy to say. It does not matter what you vote for the government can implement whatever laws it wants. You can vote for their friends later if you think it will ever make a difference. It won’t. The only change you can hope for is what is left over after they strip you of everything and you have some spare change to live on.

After two terms and eight years the city is a shambles. New York business is primarily responsible for the world collapse and has been happy to profit from it the last 8 years. New York investment banking and stock markets have lost nothing as the Federal government piled trillions into their pockets, which see their way into the city coffers as well. The city murder and violent crime is up and services are down. Bloomberg has overseen billions spent on such projects as a new baseball stadium and more free parking for religious cults. His claim to get higher scores in schools is offset by the lowered standards and the fact is still there that poverty breed’s ignorance and the majority of NYC lives in poverty and on the government dole.

If Mike Bloomberg did a great job in NYC why is the city finances such a crisis he is running on the fact that he is the only one to fix it? Is it because he made it? Eight years later the tax base of the City, Wall Street, Banking, and Investment bankers like Bernie Maddof, has caused the greatest ponzi crisis from their fake money the world has ever seen and Bloomberg, after never seeing it, claims he can fix it?

If you left your garden in the care of someone for 8 years and the garden are trashed after that time do you rehire him or look for help somewhere else? Mike Bloomberg more than doubled his wealth while in office and the City has been crushed. Elect Mike Bloomberg? Why?