Michael Bloomberg Fit As a King

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is fit as a king as he launches his bid for a third term as New York City mayor. Defying the voters by unilaterally overturning 2 voter referendums to limit terms the Mayor denied the voters their say through legislative fiat. That is to say he just got in a closed room and elbowed his cronies into passing laws to overturn the democratic process.

Sure he was pretty smug calling this democracy and maybe to him it is. After all there was a vote, it was just among his closed circle of government peers who also voted themselves new terms. Very convenient and Bloomberg himself has said, “whether good government or bad its democracy and that’s America.” Certainly history shows corrupt governments never ended so why start now?

While Bloomberg did a flip-flop on his term limits he is also bringing his message of change. Claiming that the very industry he lead to disaster needed him to clean up the mess is more oxymoron than ironic. Michael Bloomberg has been in front of everyone on Wall Street before and during the last 8 years of running New York City. As mayor those 8 years of economic acumen did nothing to thwart the out of control housing markets, stocks and derivatives markets, or any of the financial instruments he has so much understanding of, all of which he happily helped grow and taxed. What kind of help can someone who is part of the problem afford the public? He is not just part and parcel to the problems; he is the leader of them all.

New Yorkers voted in Michael Bloomberg, who helped deny Giuliani the same third term under similar concocted notions, as a businessman who would help get the city moving again. He would be able to run the city and make things work. He did not do a great job at this. Ask yourself if you are better off now than 8 years ago? Is your property worth more? Are your jobs worth more? Is there job opportunity? Do you have cleaner streets? Less crime? Did Bloomberg ever have a budget surplus? Are your taxes less? Is public transport better? Is anyone outside those whose gain was from government or financial industries doing better?

The city is a wreck and the engineer at the wheels for 8 years wants to tell you he can fix the problems he helped make. He should have been out of office come December 31, but he changed the law on his own altering voters demands not to allow third terms. The people may be so afraid of the loss of jobs, homes, money, and food but will they really think the man who got us into the mess can pull us out? If he pulls this off then money can buy anything and at the reigns of the biggest money machine (NYC) you can duplicate the Boss Tweed regime a century later.

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