Libyan Government Allows Mob To Murder US Ambassador

The Libyan government allowed a mob to overrun the US Embassy in Benghazi and murder the US Ambassador and several of his aides. Obama has confirmed the death of the US diplomats.

The Libyan officials claim that the US has too much freedom and a film that no one has seen might have been the trigger for the death squads entering the US Embassy in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s state department is looking into the matter and thought crime laws might be enhanced to assure that US citizens no longer make films that might bother other nationals or cults.

The US has spent a decade under attack for having too much freedom even though most of the freedoms have already been removed. Obama and his administration have gone so far as to pass presidential orders (royal decrees) that give Obama, or any sitting president, the authority to murder anyone anywhere for any reason (which does not need to be offered) under the guise of national security.

With the right to protest at political meetings, public parks, or without corporate backing have been already taken from us and the right to move about peaceably without fear of being stopped for papers or a search removed there is very little freedom left in the USA. Taking away the right to make films, videos, or audio recordings that may offend someone is next.

Once freedom in a nation is restricted it is no longer a free nation.