Germany To Dump Euro Return To Deutschmark

Germany is poised to make a startling announcement. Within weeks it will dump the Euro and return to the Deutschmark!

As astounding as that may sound it shows the Germans are astute and able to move with the markets. As talks of further handouts to help Greece pay the banks interest on absurd loans the European Union is pressuring Germany to shoulder all the bankers high interest charged. With Italy ready to collapse into German arms and Spain waiting its turn at the German goodwill the talk of European Union unity in paying off these debts is getting nowhere. With France totally broke and in debt after funding the Libyan insurgent take over of assets there they are no longer the partners they were at the beginning of the Euro.

Germany now finds itself at a crossroad. Their choice should be clear as a bell, but it had eluded us. We really thought the continued bailouts would be paid for by Germany who had really invented the Euro. The bankers have pushed now for a Greek default, knowing that if Germany left the Euro it meant the bankers would have to default and close. But the Germans are incredibly smart to leave the Euro. Who would want to pick up the debts of their neighbors and even sign on to paying more for them with the promise you can never recoup dollar one?

Germany’s position is to either fund the obesity of other nations to its own determent or leave the Euro. Insiders already know that the new Mark is being printed right now and soon there will be a quick change. We can not go into what might happen to the market when this happens but we can assume that the Euro will disappear quickly after that and that we will once again see the nations of Europe handling their own business.

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