European Union Demands UN Seat – NY Next?

The European Union is demanding a seat at the UN even though they are not a nation. As a trading union the European Union is trying to get an extra vote as a nation at the United Nations without becoming a nation. What’s next? New York deserves a seat as much as Germany or the UK.

A State is a State and a nation a nation. When states join in a union do they become a nation? If the EU gets a seat and each of its member states retain their seats at the consol of nations shouldn’t New York State get a seat? The EU is a union, like the United States, A group of nation states that formed a united union. If the UN is foolish enough to let the European Union get a seat like a nation and it does not remove its member States from the roster then New York should get a seat too!

Since the states that make up the EU are the same as those that make up the USA then why should the EU get more votes that the USA?

If the European Union wants to pretend it is a nation let it’s member states step down as nations like the states in the USA had to. Otherwise New York wants its’ vote too!

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