Bloomberg Democracy Stiff Arms Voter Referendums

NYCTV – Michael Bloomberg has an “apply only if needed” definition of Democracy. Bloomberg and term expiring council members over ruled 2 voter referendums to allow Bloomberg and the same expiring council members to run a 3rd time. Here in this latest video he explains,”Let the voters make their choice. And if it is good government or bad government it’s America and it’s Democracy..”

Watch the short clip!

It is not too often that rulers like Mike explain that it matters not if it is good government or bad, the ones in power will do whatever they please and your votes are trashed. NYCTV is horrified at the cavalier way that Bloomberg throws around the will of the voters. Ignoring the term limits is voted twice by the people! Installing your own version against the will of the people is not Democracy at all Mike it is despotism. You are a silly despot who is buying another four years.

Mike, lets be frank. You had eight years to rip off the city. You and Wall Street worked hard with the banks to make this city a financial disaster. Why in the world should you have four more years to do the same stuff? Why in the world did you turn the will of the voters into shredded paper? How can you utter the word Democracy when you buried its very core?

NYCTV begs you to bow out now.

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