Biden Makes Good On Threat – No Bluff

Biden Makes Good On Threat – No Bluff

USA Destroys Nord Stream Pipelines

Biden said the USA would destroy the Nord Stream gas pipelines

and now we know that was no bluff.

In an exclusive we have information from government sources, who remain anonymous due to fear of US government retributions, that special operations in Poland were used as the launch sites. Our information is that it was done with drones controlled by Ukrainian forces who had been trained only a few weeks ago on how to operate the underwater vehicles. This would make it an international force and no way to link it back to the USA except through Poland.

Poland secret service was able to allow the CIA torture chambers and transit for renditions to Cuba without the government knowledge, or so they claim.

UK Trained Ukrainians To Control Drones For Attack

The UK has trained Ukrainian personal on how to use the underwater drones which are allegedly for ramming and killing the mines that Kiev planted in the Black Sea to stop Russia from just walking in and slitting their throats in the night. But are easily rammed into anything and blow them up.

Launching from Poland the crews had little problem getting the drones into the area and one can observe that all the fissures in the pipeline are in a small area, it was done close up and personal.

The USA may have satellite video of the attackers but they will never disclose it. We can hope for a whistle blower but that is certain death for whomever comes out with the evidence.

NATO nations continue assault on Russia

In the meantime the US and NATO partners, along with the EU in tow, have been ordered to apply more economic warfare on Russia, claiming only Russia can do this sort of operation. This ignores the fact that these pipelines could have been turned on again and are the largest leverage Russia has in the EU. It also dooms the EU for decades to the deliveries of LNG that it has really no way to receive.

However it is reported that a drone packed with explosives was found in the months prior and recovered. The drone was sitting at the bottom of the Baltic waiting to be activated remotely. However the US made drone was also in the hands of many nations so it was not possible to make a definitive conclusion as to who left it there.

While we have the information, we want the video and ask that it be sent to us here. We are not afraid of telling the truth so send it.

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