American Black Shirts – Conform or Conform

American Black Shirts – Conform or Conform

Obfuscating the Class War In America with Black Lives Matter

This is a sad moment in the United States where the horrifying results of; lack of morals or proper education created a culture where conformity is demanded remind one of brown shirts in the Nazi Socialist party as they swept to power and murdered millions who would not conform.

Mobs Attack You When You Eat

Mobs moving in the streets protesting is one thing. Mobs attacking you as you eat in a restaurant, sit in your home, or walk in the park because you will not conform to their ideas is insanity. Yet there you have it. The war monger call of past times, either your with us or against us, is now how they weaponize race, politics, and even as you eat in home or out at a restaurant. This does not bode well.

In Washington DC recent white mobs can be seen harassing people at diner who denied the mob their demands they join in their insanity. It is highly notable that these were all white, I could not see a black life in that crowd, not in the black shirted white mob, and not those trying to dine peacefully. But that is the mantra of madness with these youth, join their mantra or no peace. This is what the education system in the USA has created along with the parental lack of any moral compass.

All Over America Conform or ….

But let’s not just confront the ignorant whites doing this idiocy, blacks in Charlotte, North Carolina have made sure that the same idiotic confrontations cross two races, white and black. Forgotten are the many other minorities who are persecuted all across the USA. The Muslims, the Pakistanis, the Indians, the Chinese, the Latin Americans, the Jews, they are all persecuted and subject to racism on a daily basis. All these people matter.

Blacks are not the only class facing racism

Someone has to mention that blacks make up 14% of the population in the USA and Latin Americans make up 34% while Jews make up less than 1%. Silence about the racism these people face every day is violence, ignorance, or just too busy living life to bother about something that is not on your mind?

Nothing wrong with protest. There is something wrong with those who would force ideas, ideals, or their morals on others. There is a lack of moral direction there and a complete obfuscation of freedom.

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