Occupy Wall Street Returns – Bloomberg Confident He Can Suppress Protests

In a major victory Occupy Wall Street has won the court case, allowing protest to return in Zucotti Park. It was only a few months ago that Bloomberg had his special assault team attack protestors in Zucotti Park under the guise of health hazard, promising to allow protestors they could return the next day. Bloomberg used a common tactic of lying to stop the 3 month long protest by having his white shirts erect a fence and ban all from enjoying the park.

While the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement comes back to Zucotti Park the Bloomberg regime is confident they can stop any actions before they occur. With the help of dozens of planted agents within the OWS movement Mayor Mike knows every move they intend to make. Working on the weakness of protestors to trust virtual strangers, who may have “friends” whom are also government agents, Bloomberg’s assault teams not only stay informed but also are one step ahead of protestors. With the help of Federal Agents, also embedded in the protest movements hierarchy, they can actually direct actions to safe areas or even to set up stings to arrest the leaders who do not capitulate to the Mayors officers.

New York is bracing for a spring that will see more protests and more people in the streets while the city hosts the majority of financial terrorists within the tri-state area. The mayor has taken every step to place secret agents into the protest groups and no cost is too great to stop protestors from effecting change through persistence.

What do you think about embedded spies in Occupy Wall Streets leaders?

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