Obama’s Health Care Brings Fascism To The USA

Obama’s health care bill, known as Obamacare, is a carefully disguised tax on hundreds of millions of Americans and brings our nation closer to full fascism. Fascism is a form of government where private corporations and ruling officials work as one for the profits of each other, often at the expense of the population.

The central piece of Obamacare is the fact that all citizens must now purchase private health insurance from private corporations whose sole job is to make profits. Without a public option for health this becomes pure fascism. While the mainstream press wants to put Obamacare as socialism? It cannot be socialism since there is no public option and the government is not offering anything except its demand that all Americans buy insurance from private corporations.

Let’s look at these private corporations and the waste they produce. Cigna CEO David Corani collects $19.0 million dollars a year for working there, that is $52,054 per day. United Health’s CEO Stephen Hemsley collects $13.3 million, Allen Wise of Coventry collects $12.9 million a year, Mark Bertolini of Aetna collects $10.5 million a year, Angela Braly of Wellpoint collects $13.2 million and Michael McCalliser of Humana collects a mere $7.3 million a year of $20,000 a day while average US income sits at $34,053 per year – which is a days pay for a single CEO we will be forced to pay.

While forcing Americans to pay this tax, if you choose to be free and exercise your unalienable rights you will find you have no such thing. Your right is extinguished for the profits of private corporations and in fact you will be fined and/or go to jail for refusing to support the fascist system now in place.

To pass this through an incredibly divided Supreme Court the powers have called this a tax and while the original Constitution forbade such taxes, later amendments passed by corrupt politicians almost 100 years ago allow government to tax whatever they want. But this tax is not for earning, not for income, but for not purchasing private insurance from a for-profit corporation. If you can’t pay the government might subsidize or put you in jail for tax evasion, this is not the picture of freedom and liberty but of the searchlight of fascism as a state forces its citizens to pay private enterprise for something it should provide for the taxes it collects.

While many ignorant people remain in an argument pitting the free market vs. socialism in the healthcare institutions this framing of the problem is merely an abstraction and distraction from the reality of forced collusion between private corporations and the government they control. These people say it is a good start in the right direction and point up the health care in the European countries as examples. While Europe is now cutting all prescription payments for retired people and not paying for workers prescriptions either, it still finds itself broke from debts taken off the private sector banks on their bad debts.

Obamacare presents neither a public nor a private health care system. It presents a system of private healthcare mandated through government forced private insurance. Clearly a government working for private interests while ignoring a real social health care system and a clear example of fascism in the USA.