Bolton Is Gone – Now Time For Pompeo

Bolton Is Gone – Now Time For Pompeo

Bolton Out Stage Left

The Swamp is being drained a bit.

With either the resignation, as Bolton sees it, or the firing of John Bolton as Trump would have it, President Trump may be seeing the light. At least we see he is ousting at least one of the swamp rats who keep rearing their ugly heads to promote war and corporate profits above all. Now only Pompeo, trained to lie, cheat and steal, is one of the last throw backs to the old swamp rats.

Pompeo is of the same mindset and works for the same people as Bolton. Pompeo started his funding from the Koch brothers and their various NGO’s and expanded to most of the oil interests. It is known that the Koch brothers are waiting with their new refineries for the oil to start coming in. They are waiting for that pipeline from Canada because the new refineries only work with dirty oil. But, to help fund the Koch empire if they could get their hands on the dirty Venezuelan oil fields, well that would open the coffers to more funding. Nothing says loving like money for liars, cheats, and criminals. Listen to how flippant a government official is about this:

With the exposure of Trump’s invitation for the Taliban to sit and talk we know Bolton takes the sides of the mass media and democrats – he surely expressed some kind of disbelief and rather take the route of mass bombing and destroying the desert nation. As the US remembers the anniversary of 9/11 it is important to note that it was mostly Saudis who instigated and carried out the attacks. No Afghans, and no Iranians were in on it. Although some conspiracy theories believe Israel was either involved or had foreknowledge of the attacks.

Whatever happens now we have to hope Trump will show Pompeo the door too along with the convicted perjurer Elliot Abrams. You cant drain the swamp by bringing in convicted swamp rats and trained liars.

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