Number of People Stopped by New York Police Soars<. police officers stopped 508,540 individuals on New York City streets last year

Hillary Clinton Rides Death Card for Presidency. uses 911 victims as leverage for votes

Rudolph Giuliani for President in 2008. Supporters reaching out to 9/11 victims

No Change In US Policy From Democrats Crime as Usual Gates returns from Iraq amid talks of troop surge while Democrats set up to help in all efforts.

Hevesi uses $750,000 in campaign cash to pay for defense lawyers citizens pay to prosecute and defend!

NY Emergency Workers Dying from 9/11 Toxins as government told them it was OK.

Hannity and Colmes with James Myart comment about recent NYPD murder.

Lost 911 NBC News Coverage asks the questions that have never been answered

NYPD Murder's Groom leaving his bachelor party. Putting 51 bullets in an unarmed man this may be Police Commissioner Kelly's last stand.

David Blaine Makes Great Escape in Times Square NYC to benefit Salvation Army.

BBC Video Shows Demoltion Charges on 911 and the site that put it up was hacked. The people that got the video were banned from their website and all for this video of NYC on 911. Why?

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